Ubisoft Announces For Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Kinect

Shown off just moments ago, Ubisoft have revealed Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for Xbox 360's Kinect. The game takes advantage of the hardware by incorporating all sorts of interesting uses of Kinect. More information to follow.

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Dramscus2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Milf's go wild for kinect?

Edit Also crazy crazy amounts of lag. Like a half second behind ..

Imperator2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

So they got Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Eyepet, Wii Play and Dance Dance Revolution. Wow, MS is so innovative right? LOL

WhittO2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

These demonstrations are worse to watch than Wii Music was.

Plus, you can really tell alot of it isn't even being playing live.

Like I literally just saw a guy on Forza do nothing and it moved to open a door haha

ElementX2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Not 1 sec lag, nice stealth edit.

I think it looks cool

nygamer282953d ago

ps3 fanboys are not happy with you

Dramscus2953d ago

that's what the edit buttons there for. Also though I changed it before I read your comment after watching more footage and re appraising my timing.

mrv3212953d ago

SSHHH Let me cut to the GAME footage OR the person and rarely both to hide that.

wiggles2953d ago

The camera really never had the player and the screen in the same shot for more then a few seconds....

It doesn't exactly give off the most confidence when the camera keeps switching like it did.

Chris3992953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I work in the fitness industry, and it's nice to see something for once that has a bit (still not enough, but definitely a step in the right direction) of thought behind it.

The advantage of something like this using Live or PSN vs most of the fitness shovelware released on the Wii is that you can update it (with large updates) via the internet. It's not just a static, un-responsive exercise video that is useless to you once you plateau.

Edit: The dance game was also cool for similar reasons.

R2D22953d ago

I am gym addict my self and I can see where prgrams like Zumba and Insanity can use Kinect to reach a diffrent group (Couch Potatos)

webeblazing2953d ago

truthfully this title diminstrated how the software and hardware the most out of everything they showed. this is good for those that like stuff like this.

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Omega42953d ago

Amazing UI Ubisoft done good.

Graphics are sick. Kinect is OWNING

Simon_Brezhnev2953d ago

You are officially retarded

Omega62953d ago

LMAO. This is classic. 6/14 everyone, mark your calenders. The day Omega4 officially showed how "special" he is.

thor2953d ago

People like "Omega4" and "Green Ring of Life" are just in it for the lulz; they just troll and say positive things no matter what the situation just to get a rise out of people. Of course they think this sucks as much as everyone else.

XXXCouture2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )


MetalGearBear 2953d ago

OMG!!!! im laughing so hard!!!!!
you so funny!!!!!

blu_yu_away2953d ago

Owning what exactly? Since they switched focus to Kinect I have been bored as hell.

Pennywise2953d ago

Wow... never again will your gaming opinion weigh in on anyone after that stupid comment.

MS showed 3 HC games and abandoned you guys with Kinect.... ESPN was a cool announcement, but besides that and the three very predictable HC titles shown... I feel bad for you guys.

TheBlackSmoke2953d ago

Today has simply marked the day you're 360 transformed in to a wii. M$ brushed off the actual games like a bad habit in the first half hour.

fooltheman2953d ago

they want a piece of a cake...they never needed to have

nygamer282953d ago

wow omega...the ps3 fanboys are tearing you a new asshole

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DarkSniper2953d ago

Another useless and unplayable software intended for Microsoft Kinect. With it's controller free functions, it's much more viable to perform your aerobic training in your own living room for free as opposed to wasting time and money on a device that doesn't track movement when it's initially done. Even Wii Fit performs as a better aerobics tool for those who are looking for their daily workout fix.

Microsoft has invested millions of dollars in what looks to be a total wash in the future of their system. Dark Sniper is even further convinced that the end is near for Xbox 360. They have lost touch with what the gamers are looking for, which is games. In the beginning Xbox 360 made every attempt to imitate the PlayStation 2, fast forward to today, now it's a blatant imitation of the Wii. Alienating actual gamers across the globe, many owners will surely migrate to PlayStation®3 for their futuristic gaming fix.


Simon_Brezhnev2953d ago

ha ive been wondering where you been lol

MexicanAppleThief2953d ago

Dude, why do you refer yourself as third-person? lol

Raptura2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I'm gonna go kill myself. Is that okay?

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