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gameseveryday2683d ago

why? I believe its open to public now! Damn!

Valay2683d ago

I think it's on your end. Works perfectly for me.

Imperator2682d ago

The only good thing @ MS' E3. The game looks like a lot of fun. Very well made.

BeaArthur2682d ago

I just watched it. You can either watch it in a format to small to see anything or expanded with really crappy quality. I'll definitely watch it again once some other sites post a better version.

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yoghurt2682d ago

I think people see a halo vid and auto pilot says its amazing

to me, it looks good but not amazing by any stretch - the 360 should be putting out better by now

Microsoft Xbox 3602682d ago

Yup. Still looks average in the graphics dept.

Convas2682d ago

LOL, I remember when they first debuted Halo: Reach at the VGAs last year you were one of the first outta the barn "640p Confirmed".

Please, STFU. We get it. You hate Halo. Now, get out.

002682d ago

Good thing graphics don't make a game.

despair2682d ago

but it sure helps alot

tplarkin72682d ago

...that game would be better if it had better graphics.

002682d ago

But when I look at a game I see the art style first and the atmosphere there trying to reach instead of miniscule texture. If it looks interesting and plays good I could not care less.

dawgsfan1172682d ago

I thought it looked really good. Also the space combat should help mix things up.

Greysturm2682d ago

Been there done that, oohh melee strike, Oh my gosh space battles!

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The story is too old to be commented.