E3 Preview: 10 Things We’re Getting Excited Over

E3 is upon us, and the deluge of announcements is rising into a tidal wave of PR pontificating and fanboy forum furor. But amongst the chaos of Xbots waving Natal banners, Sonyboys worshiping a Ken Kutaragi idol and the Nintendo Army amassing on the horizon, we at Dealspwn, observing the battlefield from our desks, decided to drop a tactical nuke. We know what’s worth getting excited for at this year’s E3. Merely cast your eyes down, dear reader.

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gtamike2811d ago

M$ didn't have any games that made me say "WOW!"

WLPowell2811d ago

Rising looked good, but I was saying "wow" alot, just not in the good way.

-Alpha2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Isn't Rising on the PS3 too?

I wasn't wowed by anything at all.

Black Ops? Same old crap.
Halo Reach? Not enough air-time, how does this get neglected for Kinect and Black Ops is beyond me.
Gears looked good.
Forza and Kinect? What the hell, I don't care about sitting in a car, cockpit view has existed for ages.

I mean really, absolutely no new exclusives either. Except that cool looking Crytek game, but everything was about the casual gamer and about Kinect. It was like a virus.

Awookie2811d ago

They have to make it seem like they have games hence them paying off Acti for map packs first and getting exclusive advertising deals typical MS

Cevapi882811d ago

they showed off 2 multiplats with timed exclusive DLC for future CoD installments....i didnt see the point of Kojima there...he had nothing to do with the game....but just put in a good word for the guy who has taken lead on the game....they revealed all the games that we knew were going to be there....some without gameplay...Gears look great....and the new IP by Crytek...was that a live didnt look CGI...they looked like real actors to me?

despair2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

agreed Alpha an hour on really crappy and underwhelming kinect "games" and short change Reach and Fable 3.

I wonder who this conference was geared towards. And Gears 3 really did look good, but nothing new about the gameplay really(good or bad)

@Cevapi88 yea it was real actors....

oldjadedgamer2811d ago

You would think that knowing they didn't have any new, big exclusives, Microsoft would have showcased the shit out of Reach and GeOW 3.

The fact that they didn't continues to add proof that they are slowly drifting away from the hardcore crowd and hoping that casuals will embrace them.

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DoomeDx2811d ago

Gears of war 3 was awesome..

the rest was terrible

rising is cool, but thats also on PS3. so its not an exclusive

Sarcasm2811d ago

Rising actually looked amazing! But I thought they were going to drop a megaton or something like "Coming out Exclusively for the Xbox360!"

But nooope.

Pretty much everything everybody expected leading up to the conference.

But to be fair, at least people know what Project Natal really is now. Good or bad.

Gr812811d ago

PreConference or whatever you want to call it, was awful from M$. Kinect Sports? Really?

gtamike2811d ago

Can't wait for Sonys :D

Infernostew2811d ago

Is the MS conference over yet?

Obama2811d ago

over half an hour ago already. Let's just say excited is the last word that I would use to describe its performance.

Infernostew2811d ago

Well... it seems all those reports about MS remaining tight lipped about their E3 announcements were false. Since they didn't really have anything to announce.

dizzleK2811d ago

inferno, it was tight lipped. they didn't want anybody to know that they've got no f*ckin games ahead of time.

xbox is a dead brand.

Jac5al2811d ago

There were no Megatons.

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