Kinect Details Revealed: Tilt Function, Voice Recognition

Microsoft showed off some amazing new, non-gaming features of the Kinect at its E3 press conference today, showing off the device's ability to recognize gestures and voice commands. Kinect features motorized tilt function and a multi-array microphone, in addition to the camera and movement sensor. So it will swivel to follow you.

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NikoleSmash2681d ago

Now I'm *supposed* to yell at my Xbox!

Imperator2681d ago

It takes FAR longer to use voice commands then it does to press some simple buttons.

HighDefinition2681d ago

It`s not much different than the original Eyetoy, it`s like an upgraded version of it at best. From what I`ve seen anyway.

Seferoth752681d ago

And the reality is Move is the same thing when compared to the Wii remote.

I guess I'll see you in the Sony section reminding everyone of that?

chrisnick2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

what happens to tilt function if someone walks in front of kinect while I'm using it? My gf loves to do that. More importantly, if im playing gears and she's gets mad at me all I hear is "XBOX OFF"...omg i'll die.

chaosatom2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

LOL, what if your gf says "XBOX RROD". XD

Microsoft Xbox 3602681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Everything you saw today relied just on a 2d plane. 3D camera's not required for those pathetic games they just showed us. Heck even voice recognition and control.

Richard Marks of Sony knew this and that is why we have something tangible like Move with buttons.

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gtamike2681d ago Show
NikoleSmash2681d ago

Idk, I think the tiger was way cuter than EyePet

jerethdagryphon2681d ago

im a sucker for big cats but that tiger was kinda of creepy

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2681d ago

Says it was a simpler version of EyePet.

Microsoft Xbox 3602681d ago

But do we really need a 3d camera for this BS?

claterz2681d ago

So basically they threw away the Milo idea and made it into a simple game for kids, makes sense, the Milo game would have never worked.

Gun_Senshi2681d ago

I can dress up my Eyepet with studs and spikes.

Beat that with your big pussy of tiger

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Dante1122681d ago

"Xbox, zoom in :D "

*guy behind curtain zooms in with controller*

"Xbox, go to movies :D "

*guy behind curtain goes to movie*

Screen flashes, Xbox starts to beep and buzz

"Oh no :O , Xbox don't rrod"

Guy behind curtain: O_O *shrug*

TheCapto2681d ago

Eh, the interface stuff is kinda cool, but I still don't really care about playing anything on it.

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