THQ Joins The Fight Against Used Gaming

Ex: "THQ Executive Vice President of Core Games Danny Bilson stated in a recent interview that the company is working on its own measures to thwart the used games market but indicated that the solution just might make all involved parties (publishers, retailers and consumers) happy."

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CrAppleton2805d ago

More companies will follow for sure

Neco5122805d ago

Guarantee it! Why wouldn't they try to capitalize on their product?

DaRockSays2805d ago

unfortunately I think you're right

ChozenWoan2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Back in the mid 90s during Gen4, game prices increased and thus game sales fell. Sony came onto the scene Gen5 and lowered game prices, and games flew off the shelves. For throughout Gen5 and Gen6, games sold like crazy under the $50/$40/$30 pricing tier program.

Then Gen7 arrives and MS increases game prices with Sony following suit, and thus game sales are low. Instead of restoring the order created in Gen5, publishers and devs want to punish gamers instead of dealing with the real problem... game prices.

I guess it's true what they say...
"Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it."

Neco5122805d ago

People should just stop letting places like Gamestop rip them off and this won't seem like a jip. it's worth buying the game new

DaRockSays2805d ago

IDK about that, some games are hardly worth it. Used only for the single player campaign that won't do you any good once you're done. So, if you don't trade it in, then what do you do?

spooky2052805d ago

A friend of mine bought RDR off someone in craigslist a week after it came out for 40 bucks without a single scratch or defect on the disc or box. Not only did he save 15 bucks vs buying it used at gamestop. He also gave the money to a fellow gamer which in turn will go out and buy a new game supporting the gaming industry further. You know how much gamestop offered the original owner instore credit for? a whopping 20 bucks for a retail 60 dollar game just because its a week old in perfect shape.

CrAppleton2805d ago

They haven't said what they're going to do yet, just that they're jumping on the band wagon. Don't worry about them getting too out of control yet. But for all we know, EA could be the less drastic of the Two options so far.

dktxx22805d ago

Number one problem with the used game market is that gamestop only knocks off 5 bucks for it being used. that a slap in the face to the game industry. if i was ea, or any other game company, id just stop doing business with them at all until they agree to reduce used game prices.

darksied2805d ago

Exactly what I've been saying for a long time. The $5 off a used but really really new game (like 2 weeks after release) is insane, and shouldn't be allowed by gamestop. I don't care about used game sales 2 or 3 years down the line, but 2 weeks and $5 off? That's not right.

spooky2052805d ago

(which i no longer do) and want to buy a game i would rather pay the extra 5 dollars and get it brand spankin new. However the gamestop employee wont listen. He will push the game on me like his job depended on it. I buy all my games at best buy now. I got a rewardzone credit card that lets me pay off my games in a 2 month period interest free. Buying a game new is supporting devs to raise the bar on their future projects. Buying used for 5 dollars off is supporting gamestop to continue to screw you over.

darksied2805d ago

If you look at it from their point of view, it makes sense so don't hate them too badly. They have to do what they can when they see a problem in their scheme, and used game sales apparently is a big problem for all game companies.

djfullshred2805d ago

Yeah, it is called trying to stay in business.

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