Pachter calls Kinect "Brilliant"

Michael Pachter in an interview with Geoff Knighely continues his speculation on the new Kinect. Pachter continues to believe that the new Kinect is aimed exactly where previously speculated: social and family gamers

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Imperator2811d ago

Yea, well so far it's so BORING... god, I don't want two see two annoying people chatting with each other..

Gamerbee2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

He'll & say anything to get attention. Especially something that ridiculous.

Reibooi2811d ago

Everything I have seen thus far is VERY underwhelming. They are just getting to the end of the Kinect portion of the Press Conference and nothing is really all that good. It's stuff that has either been done before on Eye Toy or just straight up stupid and not impressive.

In all Honesty Kinect seems better as a NON gaming device. The stuff it seems to do well is the stuff that isn't part of a game like navigating Xbox Live and even that is pointless as a real controller is MUCH better and faster in that regard.

sikbeta2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

True, This Pretty Much Shows the Guy (Pachter) will say whatever nonsense to get attention, also that he doesn't know crap about gaming, I'm sure he believe every part of the Pre-Recorded kinect Presentation was Real...

deadreckoning6662811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

@Imperator- Agree 100%. Not hating, but I was expecting MUCH more.

Edit: And honestly, the stuff I've seen from Sony's Eyepet is better than anything I've seen so far at this conference. That rafting game looks fun, but as a whole..Kinect just isn't for me. Its alot more geared to casual gamers than I expected.

Edit: Dance Central looks awesome though.

Noctis Aftermath2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I think the dance one looked great too, but that may have to do with the hot asian chick who could dance well.

Also the music that was used while she was dancing reminded me of an episode of scrubs and i love scrubs.

Here it is >

Jdash242811d ago

The banter was award show bad...

boodybandit2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I am a 360 FAN and I'm bored to tears and if I am being totally honest a little nervous, because I am afraid were the gaming industry is headed (THANKS NINTENDO /s) and mildly pissed off.

All I want as a gamer is GAMES!
If I want exercise I will hit the gym.
If I want to call someone I will pick up a phone or use my cell.
If I want to watch movies or EPSN I will turn on my television.

You know it's kind of ironic that on one hand MS gives you the ability to access XBL with voice commands yet they want to encourage people to exercise with Kinects. Almost like an oxymoron.

Where are the games besides the usual suspects, Halo, Gears, Fable, etc..?
Come on MS please end this with a bang (real games) and not Kinect!

Guys, is there another MS conference tomorrow or later in the week? Please tell me this isn't the only one. This is mostly all Kinects crap!

MegaPowa2811d ago

Then why did you bother posting :| for attention?

CDbiggen2811d ago

Super low point: little girl plays with imaginary tiger...

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Anon19742811d ago

He didn't say Kinect was brilliant.

bootsielon2811d ago

But I bet that even after this comment, all the retards will keep saying "DUR DUR DUR PACHTER DOSENT KNOW"

simplyRealistic182811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

yeah, but who cares of the names right now, Microsoft conference is so meh, only good things so far

gears 3
Kinect: video chat, only interesting thing so far

halo look ok, specially the space flight scene, but i don't like halo so i don't really care

N4GAddict2811d ago

Good thing he's wrong most of the time

Leio2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

One thing i´m sure Kinect can predict the future better than he does ? ;)

solidjun52811d ago

Apparently one of the videos went ahead of the person. So yea, Kinect can predict better than patcher. ZING!

PLAYstar2811d ago



kneon2811d ago

If it's live then there is obvious lag, you could see the player jump and then a little later the avatar jumps. But on the river rafting game at least 3 times the avatar jumped without the player jumping. So it either mis-detected some movement as a jump or it's all prerecorded.

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