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N4GAddict2869d ago

Finally, the trailer has appeared.

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hardeep2869d ago

Out of the press conference for microsoft this was the only thing that excited me, this is on ps3 anyways, this conference is worser than Nintendo.

Anorexorcist2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

but don't you love how only the Xbox 360 name and logo were shown at the very end of the trailer at 1:59.

Oh Microsoft, your little bits of propaganda that stem from you bottomless check book is so funny and pathetic at the same time.

No it's actually not funny, just pathetic.

Microsoft just can't make their own blockbusters, so they feel like throwing money around and duping some people (specifically the casuals) into buying their console for a specific multi-platformer is their way to survive.

Survive yes. Thrive, No.

ShinMaster2869d ago

Yeah, the Xbox 360 logo is not part of the trailer.
It's just something Microsoft added at the end of it.
You don't fool me, MS, you don't fool me!

DaTruth2869d ago

Lighting Bolt Action??? They should have called it MGR or something.

Don't know how interested I am in this anymore, but I guess I need to see more!

Zydake2869d ago


theKiller2869d ago

i dont believe anything that comes from MS unless is people playing it wit their 360 joy pad and see the x and y buttons on the screen.

Takoulya2869d ago

I'm not defending MS here, but SONY did the same thing for Assassin's Creed 2 marketing. On topic, though, this game looks like crap. As a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, I'm severely disappointed. What happened to the stealth gameplay? Now we can just cut people in half? Nice move, Konami & Kojipro.

jeseth2868d ago

Rising doesn't feel like metal gear at all. It looks like a hack and slash action game. Hopefully there are more stealth aspects to it because with a character like Raiden it could be a great new story line in Metal Gear.

This Rising looks more like Ninja Gaiden Sigma when it should be more like Tenchu....or....more like Metal Gear.

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gtamike1232869d ago

They should of called it "Raiden" and see if it sales with out MGS in the name.

chaosatom2869d ago

That looked like Ninja Gaiden than MGS. WTF??????????

40cal2869d ago

I looked like Ninja Gaiden to me also, but with something different maybe better.
But again, "set in the Metal Gear universe" is really all they have to say to me.

deafwing2869d ago

... Kojima productions has changed the MGS series from Tactical Espionage Action to "Lightning Bolt Action" .. in other words if you're looking for stealth gameplay, most likely you won't find it here.

Kleptic2868d ago

^^Kojima made it very clear that he was only overseeing MGR...not directing it...It WON'T be a Metal Gear Solid game like fans are used to...probably the main reason Kojima himself said he was disappointed with it so far...

callahan092869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

By far the coolest thing at the MS conference. I'm happy with what I see. It's not stealthy espionage like MGS normally is, but the game definitely looks fun and has that Kojima sense of humor with the watermelon cutting.

ThanatosDMC2869d ago

HAHAHAH! Cold is eating up this multiplat.

Megaton2869d ago

Personally, I liked it, but it's not Metal Gear. It's called Metal Gear, and it has Raiden, but it doesn't look Metal Gear at all.

MNicholas2868d ago

Graphics are a bit outdated but that's to be expected. The real-time slicing and lighting is great.

The shadows are low-res but this will probably be fixed by release. Environment textures are low res textures is low res, however, and that's a bit disappointing.

Also disappointing is the use of last-gen tricks like baked shadows rather than actual normal maps for things like the four small bumps on the mech's "hand." Hopefully these are just place-holders and will get proper shading by release.

Consoldtobots2868d ago

I don't understand why anyone is getting worked up over a trailer, I'll wait till I see ACTUAL gameplay footage before I pass judgement on what it's "better than". Many of you know the 360 has a track record of gameplay graphics that don't live up to their trailers. With PS3 it has been quite the opposite so I doubt rising is gonna win any graphics awards.

God_Of_Epicness2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

If this does not take up to 4 DVDs for the 360, then I won't be buying it for my PS3. 360 just holds everything back.

jessupj2868d ago

After seeing I'm telling you guys right now the sh*thead Australian gov is going to ban this game. Because cutting people up into 1000 pieces is too much fun and clearly needs to be censored....

goflyakite2868d ago

I've never played a MGS game but this trailer was cool.

Cutting people in pieces looks fun.

gamesmaster2868d ago

if there is no stealth stage implemented into the story anywhere, i'll cut cut cut my head off... I Like mgs becasue its not a hack and slash action game, (albeit mgs4 had some action elements) for me this is a step in the wrong direction.

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ThatCanadianGuy2869d ago

The hell is that? That wasn't metal gear..That was Ninja Raiden Sigma :/

SpaceSquirrel2869d ago

It looked a little bit off but it is still early.

ELite_Ghost2869d ago

those 360 bots don't like stealth games...
Look at splinter cell, sales failed on 360...
They want hack and slash cause they have no patience.

Btw the game looked kinda laggy i hope they fix it

sikbeta2869d ago

Seriously...WTF!? Cut...Cut....Cut.... Keep Cutting....

No Solid Snake, No naked Snake/Big Boss = No MGS Game

Kahvipannu2869d ago

I kinda agree with you, Snakes/BB is heart of MGS games, I don't like Raiden. But art style looks pure MGS, and trailer was interesting too.

Consoldtobots2868d ago

this kinda reminds me of a modern day VR:missions from MGS2.

HurtfulTimez2868d ago

have you somehow played it long enough for you to realise there are no Metal Gears or are you just being stupid? every Metal Gear fan knows that the Metal Gears are actually the Robotic Machines the charcater has been sent in to destroy. So yes it is a Metal Gear game obviously it does not have snake because its not about him its abot Raiden so if it doesnt have any Metal Gears when the game is released your point is valid up until that point...

you FAIL.

Sheikah2869d ago

what was up with the Hatake Kakashi look of Raiden :o\?

hamoor2869d ago

Why everybody is acting like they are surprised???
sheesh fanboys are really pissing me off

despair2869d ago

umm You ever play MGS2...that was raiden and it was uh yea.

ThanatosDMC2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

They had to make Raiden cooler from MGS2. Kojima even announced that he was surprised people hated Raiden. So he was made cooler in MGS4.

table2869d ago

Although hamoor is wrong, he is right in respect that you do fight with blades in MGS2. I think a lot of people round here are forgetting the blade fights toward the end of the game and this trailer looked distinctly similar to that style. I think a lot of the ps3 fanboys round here arn't really mgs fans, otherwise they would have noticed this in a flash.



exactly.... some people really don't make sense.

Look at all the hate Raiden got in mgs2.. then people complain he plays different now.

come on, In MGS4 everyone was going off their rocks about how cool the cut scene was with Raiden fighting Vamp and how awesome it would have been to play that... ok, well now you got a whole game playing like that... now everyone is complaining again cos they want him to play like he did in MGS2.

honestly after seeing him in MGS4 I thought it's nice to see them expand on that. MGS4 is cool ( it's still my favorite exclusive on the ps3 ) but why would I want to play as Raiden if he is just going to play the same as Snake, I may as well just stick with 4.

If this was exactly the same game exclusive to the ps3 you lot know you would be shafting yourselves all over your Tv with the ZOMG it's AMAZZINGZ BEST GAME EVER - We Love you Kojima and you are a god and all that crap !.... but no, it's multiplat so it automatically falls into lets find a reason to hate it.

I loved it, and it was by far the coolest thing to come out of MS pathetic excuse of a sadass conference. I am happy it's multi, everyone gets to enjoy it.

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chaosatom2869d ago

Dude, exactly what I said. Although you said it early. I hope they don't ruin it man.

orion4562869d ago

And why is everybody banging on about god damn graphics!

Did nobody see the bit where he sliced that guys legs of in slow motion!

squallheart2869d ago

well remember this game is being catered for western audiences, meaning just hack and slash. That is why its coming to the 360 since this style of game suits the console where as mgs4 was more strategy. After watching the trailer i pretty much new it was going to turn out like this when they announced it. Like a previous poster mention Ninja Raiden Sigma.

Kahvipannu2869d ago

MGS game strategy? I'm sorry, but I have to say that was hilarious.

Marquis_de_Sade2869d ago

Nonsense, MGS4 was the easiest MGS game to play with a run n gun style.

Fireseed2869d ago

This is what we call a new game, cause you know eventually without innovation it all becomes the same regurgitated crap. But I know, I know we can get to FF14, Gran Turismo 5, and Killzone 3 and its new and original, but as soon as Halo, and Gears gets a third game it becomes milk.

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The real killer2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

This is not MGS that i know.

KimoNoir2869d ago

lol why you bitchin, this game looks like the bitchin game of 20XX!

MysticStrummer2869d ago

Agreed. Pass. I don't care how much they cyborg him up, Raiden is my most hated MGS character. Hack and slash games don't normally do much for me anyway. I'm into Greek mythology so the God of War games were awesome, but Dante's Infero, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, Darksiders... meh. Just not my type of game in general.