Halo Reach E3 Screenshots Showing Off New Gameplay Action

GFB: "Microsoft has kept the ball rolling with a new video showing off the action we can expect to see in Bungie's upcoming release of Halo: Reach. We've got the shots from E3 showing off some tight gameplay and giving us an idea of how the story of reach will kick off. Check out the screens and let us know what you think of the latest Halo title."

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N4GAddict2736d ago

It looked better in motion.

N4GAddict2736d ago

The space gameplay was great as well

Godmars2902736d ago

All 5 seconds of it you mean.

Need to see more!

WhittO2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

The space gameplay looked like a PS2 star trek game in HD lol.

Where everything you see in the background is basically a picture and there are a few objects floating around to fire on etc, random scripted things which fly past.

mittwaffen2736d ago

SP looks Awesome, they have everything you wish they did in it.

Almost, its a buy now for me.

ticklechamp2736d ago

The game looked fine, it just seemed like it needed more things going on. That level was empty. Where are the enemies? It probably is different on an alternate difficulty. Better looking than most 360 games to date l.

webeblazing2736d ago

thats what i was thinking when i was watching it. but different strokes for different fokes. hope they give the halo fans everything they been waiting for

BeaRye2736d ago

I like the fact that it fills us in on older parts of the story.

002736d ago

very vibrant, can't wait for reach.

BeaArthur2736d ago

Yeah, I'm interested to visit those locations.

IrishAssa2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

nice lighting, bullets/plasma look nice.

This conferance is soooo shit though. i'm so bored. I don't wanna see this crap

they sound like robots

Wtf is going on now....

Edit _ I can see why they got the t'vs in times square though. Showing off this to the casuals.

Lol at dancing nerd

002736d ago

everything is kinect, I want some hardcore games.

DelbertGrady2736d ago

I can't wait for Sony to talk PS2 and PSP numbers for the first half of their show.

002736d ago

or this would be the worst E3 ever.

Fishy Fingers2736d ago

Some look good, some a little dodgy, think that might be the motion blur effecting the screen caps though.

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The story is too old to be commented.