Halo Reach Looks Super Awesome

As expected, we got new footage for Halo reach. Also as expected, it looked super awesome. Featuring probably the most impressive graphics in any Xbox game till date, the game showed several cool scenes, including female SPARTAN soldiers, a great space dog fight that simply looked stunning, a montage of scenes that took place on a Normandy like beach and more.

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Shubhankar2904d ago

Damn, that was so good...

bioshock12212904d ago

Same here I kinda lost interest in Halo Reach the beta was fun I was gonna get it but I wasn't to hyped for it. But the new trailer was awesome especially the shooting in outer space part.

nightfallinicedearth2904d ago

Meh, not really. Looked kinda like all the other halo games.

gameseveryday2904d ago

To be honest, I was very very impressed on how Halo Reach is shaping up. In my opinion one of the most technical impressive game this year.

D4RkNIKON2904d ago

Halo looked like Halo and it is the highlight of the entire conference so far

InfectedDK2904d ago

In fact it looks like Doom or Unreal Tournament but it looked ok fun hands down.. But wow boring conference.. Waiting for tomorrow to see Sony's conference..

gtamike2904d ago

Looks like a Halo 3 mod

Convas2904d ago

I was left with my mouth open. Seriously, this WAS A BANG for a Halo game. DAY f*cking ONE!

hamoor2904d ago

Can anyone please give me a link for a gaming site that I can read Microsoft e3 news without the PS fans shitting in my mood???

RadientFlux2904d ago

joystiq or pretty much any other gaming website.

You will still have idiots spamming hate with their multiple accounts, pretending that there opinion is correct on but not at the same level it's at n4g.

Mcardle2904d ago

shame the conference is dying ever since kinect came on.....

Pennywise2904d ago

There is going to be a riot in Time Square. How embarrassing!

HyperBear2904d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.