New Halo: Reach Trailer Is Convincing

Bungie has just shown off a brand new Halo: Reach Trailer. Details after the break.

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2811d ago
qface642811d ago

my mind wasn't blown like they said it would be

like i said many times already that phrase is worthless this generation

Gamerbee2811d ago

looks ok for 2005. Not 2010.

WhittO2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Really, I see nothing special at all about this game.

Also, I think they were trying to copy Killzone2 with all of the explosions and missiles going across the sky etc (even though I know K2 wasn't exactly the first to do that, it reminded me of it alot!)

Except the graphics were nowhere near K2!!

evrfighter2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

wow witto...contradict yourself much?

how would you imagine a planetary invasion? monkeys with wings dropping skittles from baskets?

btw you just described just about every gundam episode ever made. Also noticed that nobodies touched on space combat. Could be very interesting if done right.

WhittO2811d ago

jsut saying it reminded me of K2...Alot, the prob the reason why I think it looked Meh, comparing K2 to any game shows the graphical difference!

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Anon19742811d ago

I was hoping for something more, but who am I kidding? I love Halo. They don't need to reinvent the wheel or anything.

Cold 20002811d ago

Told myself the same thing for the KZ3 vid.

deadreckoning6662811d ago

It does look great..but my mind wasn't blown. The Black Ops trailer was more impressive IMO.

Imperator2811d ago

Now that was awesome. Looking great.

SynysteR2811d ago

You should of gone to specsavers

Convas2811d ago

I was convinced. Now, time to write down games I'mma buy!

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The story is too old to be commented.