E3: Crytek announces 360 exlcusive

Codename Kingdoms shown at 360 conference

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Omega42928d ago

Published by MS too

Keep them megatons coming MS

Anon19742928d ago

They showed a trailer. It had a spartan looking guy. He stood there staring at the camera. I don't know if I'd call this a "megaton". I don't even know what this game is. They showed nothing. Is a it a rpg? Is it a FPS? Is it a rts? Action?

WhittO2928d ago

It showed nothing, don't know how its a megaton, did you see the screens for the console version of Crysis 2 ? Hardly Breathtaking lol!

Anyone can show a CGI trailer

Aquanox2928d ago

And published by Microsoft so there's no way this goes anywhere else.

Brilliant conference so far.

The_Zeitgeist2928d ago

Hey whitto you are right....Anyone can show a CGI trailer. It happens maybe 50 times per year at E3 by every company.

I can't believe as a Sony fan that I have to defend stupid comments like that.

Remember the debut God of War 3 trailer. Were you complaining that it was CGI?

R2D22928d ago

that did stop Sony trolls creaming OMG only possible on the PS3 when Agent was shown.

Stop being a Sony prick and enjoy gaming.

WhittO2928d ago

The difference is GOW3 looked as good as the "CGI" trailer, same with Killzone 2, every MS CGI trailer never even compares.

Anon19742928d ago

I don't know anything about the Agent trailer, and if I'm not mistaken the first GOWIII trailer showed actual gameplay. This was nothing. It was a guy standing there. All we know about this game is that it has a guy with a sword.

As a gamer, that's doesn't excite me. The gameplay for Halo Reach excited me. The Gears 3 co-op story mode excited me.
This made me go "Ohhh...CG."

Figures that some of you would try to make this somehow about your ridiculous console wars. You realize this is a site for gamers, don't you? Let gamers talk.

-MD-2927d ago

Agent didn't show anything other than a title and people called that a "megaton".

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Shaman2928d ago

I think it looks like something similar to GOW III,hack and slash.I think that MS got enough of fanboys saying 360 cant produce amazing looking game so they hired Crytek.Well im good with that.

Chris3992928d ago

No game-play was shown. No genre was mentioned.

And I wouldn't be surprised if this appeared on the PC too. This is Crytek after all.

Let's wait to see a press-release on the game before getting our skirts all wet.

Omega, it's not even funny anymore - the tripe that falls out of your mouth. It's pitiable, it's sad.

Simon_Brezhnev2928d ago

lol i agree with you Chris. Crytek games so far are only eye candy.

Cold 20002928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Looks very interesting. Good show from MS for the moment.

Last year Agent was a "megaton" though they showed a 10 second trailer

raztad2928d ago

I dont remember the press paying that much attention to Agent, neither saying it was a "megaton". All the contrary.

And although not a big fan of R* (loves Manhut though) I would safely say R* North >> Crytek at producing interesting and out of the box games.

Biggest2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

There was nothing to be impressed about. We haven't seen Crytek games on consoles. We haven't seen anything about the game itself. There was absolutely nothing there. But it's better than a circus show I guess.

Edit: Cold 2000, have you ever played a game by R* on a console? I'm sure you have. There is more than enough reason to expect big things from them on consoles. Crytek, not so much.

HQLocated1112928d ago

looks like a God of War wannabe

TheGreenMan2928d ago

You mean just like Kinect was megaton?

...sorry I couln't help myself!

Omega62928d ago

lol yea keep em coming LMAO not one compares to the exclusives ALREADY announced by Sony. Keep dreaming tard.

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zorglub2928d ago

LOL @ omegafanboy ?

What Megaton ? No gameplay, just a cutscene with a spartan.

Only one 3rd party exclusive announced in the whole conference ?

Pathetic. :)

Silly gameAr2928d ago

He does seem to blow his load pretty early when it comes to MS.

WMW2928d ago

what megatons? was the same thing i was wondering. nothing shown has been inpressive at all. also does anyone else think that girl and her twin were the same person just with a pre recorded video? her answers always came late.

Obama2928d ago

lol that seems like the only surprise at MS conference. Now they are just talking about kinect and sports. Boring. Sony is going to murder MS.

EXID2928d ago

yeah, at this point ms should be showing off a lot more than just live action video...

theonlylolking2928d ago

Probably a GOW copy. Or anyother First person perspective game.

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