Fable 3 Xbox Exclusive

Peter Molyneux announced today at the E3 that Fable III, the upcoming sequel to the popular RPG series, will be an Xbox 360 exclusive, rather than appearing on the PC as was announced earlier. A brief trailer was shown at the E3, without revealing any new info about the actual game.

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earbus2952d ago

Not anymore it says in the first three lines of this page didnt bother me it was on pc shame ms want a full 360 exclusive like aw.

vhero2952d ago

Who cares though?? Fable 2 didn't live upto the hype and to be honest after seeing Fable 3 I wasn't impressed I think 2 looked better.

Raider692952d ago

Why do they make fable games so easy and casual!Never finnish neither of them due to the lack of challenge!The first 4 to 5 five hours i always play but them i get bored due to the lack of challenge on the fighting system and rubbish AI!