OXCGN’s Live Microsoft Keynote Feed

OXCGN's live feed direct from Microsoft's E3 2010 keynote.

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REALgamer2775d ago

CryEngine 3 prettiness sounds very nice. Wonder if they're using the TimeSplitters team for this one?...

gaminoz2775d ago

Ahhh Timesplitters....I'd like them to use the Timesplitters team for the next Timesplitters!

GrathiusXR2775d ago

apart fro the dirty reveal of the XBOX 360 Slim.. That rogue 360 just sitting there always looked suspicious and Don revealing it was the cream of the crop of reveals..

Excited that it is available to buy basically after E3 is over... Usually it's a reveal then months of waiting BUT the fact we can buy it almost now is awesome! Need to save up money!!!

REALgamer2775d ago

The 360 slim was expected, but the Crytek exclusive, Forza 3 stuff and all the Kinect news seems pretty damn exciting to me!

Also got to remember that it's been split into 2 parts, with yesterday's Natal/Kinect thing being the first half.

XboxOZ3602775d ago

Personally I think Microsoft are doing an excellent job this time around. They have given thought to the asian market with several of the ideas with the Dance and social games.

Especially where others can join in that do not have to be in the same plane or field of view as the initial user.

Scoring 3 yrs of exclusivity of all DLC from a publisher is not mean feat, and the fact that Kinect is being utilized deeply into several games, yet not trying to overpower the hardcore gamer.

The new Slim looks great, and will obviously be a good step forward. And while some will complain of a new design, we have to remember, Nintendo so that almost annually these days, yet no one complains about that.

MS spared no expense last night at the Natal/Kinect event, and it definitely wowed the crowed on many levels. The new colours which now include a rich purple for the Kinect is a great idea. It separates that from the 360s gaming and will most likely tie in with their KIN mobile as well.

There's several major items coming from major developers this year that we have no idea about, so until the Friday when it's all over, no one can really say whether this years E3 is better or worse than last year.

And judging from what has been presented and being present right now by Cliff Bleszinski at some interviews, I'd expect many to see E3 2010 as a year when a diverse range of games get announced for all members of the family.

BadCircuit2775d ago

I am looking forward to the Star Wars game on the Natal/Kinect. Hopefully it will be even better than the Star Wars games on the Wii.

gaminoz2775d ago

It will be interesting to see how quickly the Kinect responds to your arm movements, but doing a force push sounds cool.

gaminoz2775d ago

I'm very interested in the Kingdoms game by Crytek. Any more info you can throw at me?

XboxOZ3602775d ago

Actually, one of our guys said that the reaction times were excellent, and in one part of the demo, the lady took off her jacket, and it mimicked her perfectly with every move.

Plus, Kinect sees not one, or two ppl, but several ppl in the one room, irrespective of where they are, be that in front or behind the actual main player.

Plus it also adjusts itself to your bodytype, not some identikit generic avatar. The fitness app was amazing and blew many completely away.

SO I think most of the negative talk is simply sour grapes, or jurno's wanting hype (bad press) to sell their site to get views.

After all, we all know good news simply does not sell.

It's amazing how many ppl can make comments on something they have not seen other than a film clip, which usually looks nothing like the real life demonstrations.

I think you'll be impressed with the reaction times once Kinect ships in November.

The New 360 ships in July in Australia, and is available at the end of this week in the US.

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