MGS: Rising gets new footage

Hideo Kojima made another appearnace at MS' E3 conference to reveal some new footage for Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The game, as he says, is based on the Japanese art of Zan-Datsu, which translates to "Cut and Take."

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El_Colombiano2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

This isn't a true Metal Gear Solid game. This is Konami trying to appeal to the US. You can even tell Kojima is trying to distant himself from the game. He came out spoke quickly and took off. He obviously did not want to be there.

dktxx22897d ago

ya i wasn't impressed either. they need to show way more than that. i mean all we know is that you can cut things.

is that the basis for the whole game? cutting?

WhittO2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

It just looked like a hack n slash, that's not what MGS is.

Also, did anyone else notice how the graphics looked downgraded from MGS4? Quite alot really.

Hoping for a real MGS to be unvieled by Sony tomorrow that Kojima is actually making.

Biggest2897d ago

It looks like Afro Samurai! Can't complain though. I enjoyed that game.

Imperator2897d ago

Yea, it was funny how Kojima was just there for a few seconds. The game itself looks like it'll be a good rental, but that's it. I'd rather buy Peace Walker.

raztad2897d ago

Please buy it. MGS:PW is amazing.

va_bank2897d ago

Can't stop playing it. If you already have a PSP there's no excuse.

Redempteur2897d ago

tactical ? GONE
espionnage ? What for ?

where is the tactical espionnage action ?

Oh wait it's not a kojima game ...

it might be a good game ..but it's not a hideo kojima game...

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Dramscus2897d ago

Total suck. Sneaking... nope catering to the xbox action crowd.
Not buying this.

deadreckoning6662897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Thoughts?? I personally didn't think it was that good. The way Raiden moves is way too slow for a hack n' slash IMO. Look at Bayonetta and GOW3, their fluid and for Raiden, not really.

Maybe we need to see more, but right now it won't appeal to anyone other than diehard MGS fans.

"I cant believe people are bashing this game it looks incredible"

We aren't bashing the game, its just that ur opinion is different from ours. Is it that difficult to accept? This game will NOT sell on the 360. Not bashing..its just the truth. Peace Walker is probably a better overall game.

"That the game is also on PS3!!! TAKE THAT FVCKERS!!!!"

Umm so what? PS3 is the only console I own and I'm not buying this crap. Let go of this console war crap. Fighting over two pieces of technology? Yea, ur cool lol

White-Sharingan2897d ago

It looked amazing! does it have Kinect and Move support? I can't wait for this game

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The story is too old to be commented.