Hideo Kojima Reveals Metal Gear Rising Footage, Impressions

During the Microsoft E3 conference this afternoon, Hideo Kojima and Konami revealed the first game footage of Metal Gear Solid Rising.

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Imperator2811d ago

It was an alright trailer. Nothing like MGS4 though. Probably a good rental.

qface642811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

i actually didn't really like it because it still looks like it has MGS movement so the combat wasn't all that fast from what i saw
that movement works for MGS because of the sneaking etc etc

but what i actually don't like my self is the emphisis on CUT seems like it will use kinect just from that?

Biggest2811d ago

It's the same cut mechanic from Afro Samurai. It gets repetative, but is fun for the most part. I enjoyed AS for what it was. MGS:R might have that same appeal for me.

Cold 20002811d ago

The graphics looked way better than MGS4.

qface642811d ago

if you actually believe that then you have too much green in your eyes

Shani2811d ago

I think graphics were same as MGS4..
But gameplay of Rising looked good.

darkdoom30002811d ago

Spinoff Confirmed.

I was hoping for stealth ninja, rather than "oh shi- I got a blade so im conna chop everyone i see."

Im a metal gear whore, ive played every MG game (minus the first ac!d) so ill get it. Graphics look a little better TBH. im not suprised, it has been 2 years.

Godmars2902811d ago

Can't load the conference, but some of the still look like CG.

xX-PEIN-Xx2811d ago

It looked like and average hack n slash to me...meh

D4RkNIKON2811d ago

It is multiplat too so..

MajestieBeast2811d ago

Well i guess the apprentice hasnt surpassed the master just yet.

ATLGAMER2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Like a nice ZoE mix with MGs...time will tell

anyone saw those halo reach graphics...mind blowing average

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The story is too old to be commented.