BBC: Will gamers want to Kinect or Move?

BBC writes: "Los Angeles: If you want to see the future, head for a games convention.

The computer and video games industry has poured billions into innovation over the last decade, particularly since it became a new front in the battle for the home between giants like Sony and Microsoft.

They used their Playstation and Xbox platforms to experiment with rival high-definition video systems; Sony's Blu-ray won that battle."

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D4RkNIKON2955d ago

As far as motion controlled gaming is concerned, Kinect can't do complicated games because it lacks buttons and that is why it was all casual games. Sony's Move controllers have been shown to work with RTS games, FPS, TPS, racers and more. It is harder to think of a game type that Move CAN'T do.

hakeem09962955d ago

Will never buy a WII ,Will never Buy Move .Might buy Kinect for the hands free dashboard controls maybe depanding on the price .don't care for the games and 3D is a waste of time ,they need to focus on Virtual Reality .

Legosz2955d ago

I don't feel like using Kinect or move. I just want to sit and play Man Furismo Jive with my hands on a dualshock 3.

snp2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Own a wii, will buy Move for fps if nothing else as long as it gets good reviews and price is reasonable (waggle doesn't interest me, but as a pointing/precision device holds promise), don't have a 360 so Kinect isn't something i've got much thoughts on (though i doubt i'd buy one simply to replace clicking a button on the dashboard; but each to their own). Virtual Reality? If people are freaked out wearing a pair of translucent shutter glasses for a 3d effect, i can assure you the same folk ain't going to be wanting a Virtual Reality headset any time soon...

Personally, 3d has grown on me. I'm not 100% sold, but the more i see of it (particularly on Plasma where their aren't the cross-talk/ghosting problems of LED) the more i like. Doubt my eyes would hold up for any more than an hour maximum, but i'm not someone who tends to plays games for hours on end without a break these days anyway so that's not really such an issue.

Ilikegames762955d ago

er.. I mean Gran Turismo 5 should be played with a steering wheel like the G25/G27.

evrfighter2955d ago

seeing as I have both consoles whichever console lets me do this...will be my choice.

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TheTwelve2955d ago

Well, Kinect certainly hasn't made me feel bad about Move, that's for sure. I won't be envying Kinect owners based on what I saw today.


tatotiburon2955d ago

forza demo says hi.

kinect can do any game easy, but not only using kinect but interacting with the xbox 360 controller, like metroid on the wii.

but kinect it's not only for gaming, a lot of features that move didn't have.

Hairy Chewie2955d ago

I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult for sony to integrate what the kinect does for the 360 dashboard to the PS3's XMB, after all, the PS eye can replicate most of what kinect is doing. Whether they actually plan on doing it, only sony knows.

Patrick2955d ago

I watched the conference and the car didnt match his movements. 95 percent of their showings was staged and you could tell. The Move is much better for most all experiences.

boodybandit2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

And us gamer purchase gaming console for a lot of features that are not gaming related! /s

The Forza demo wasn't real nor was it a hard core game. It was only a steering game with super cars vs F cars. If you actually played Forza you would know what that means. There was no gas or brake just steering. Yeah hardcore racing sim fans don't want to gas, brake, apex, they just want to steer and look at their cars with head and hand movements.

Enough already. What was shown today by MS was embarrasing for their target audience and between their pricing of the unit and pricing for games ($60) they are pricing themselves out of the casual audience as well.

Move will work with most any game and we don't have a clue yet (sorry I dont have your crystal ball to know what Move will and will not do), for people like you that want options and features not game related, what other aspects of their console Move might be utilized for. After today's press conference from MS I can't see how Sony could do worse. If so it will go down as the worst E3 in history and the gaming industry might actually be in trouble.

NY_State2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Speaking of which Socom Move gameplay

I'll get the Move but mainly for casual. But that could all change depending upon the developers and what they put out.

AAACE52955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Flamebait people... nothing to see here!

But i'll predict the outcome.... They hated the Wii, they hate Kinect and they will love Move like their own child!

Ps3 is the console for the ultimate gamer!

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Bumpmapping2955d ago ShowReplies(1)

Well, if you are a core gamer, for sure Move. Will have more games for Core audience.

If you are a Casual, you can choose also Move, or Kinect.

Jazz41082955d ago

how do you know this. So far there are more hardcore gamees announcedd for Natal. Fable, forza, child of eden..etc. Sony has one in Socom and the first ps3 offering of Socom online only sucked.

Anon19742955d ago

We have no idea how Fable will incorporate Kinect but rest assured it's not going to be in a major way as needing Kinect to play Fable 3 will hamper it's sales. It'll probably be some minigames or something within Fable. As for Forza, please. You can use Kinect to virtually look at your car. That's not gameplay.

And Child of Eden is a multiplatform rhythm game for both the 360 and PS3. Last time I checked, not a lot of demand among the hardcore for rhythm games.

Move has Socom 4, The Fight, Lord of the Rings, LittleBigPlanet 2, Heavy Rain, RE:5, Tiger Woods, Slider, The Shoot and Under Siege.

There you have it. As it stands right now, Kinect has possibly one game that appeals to the hardcore in Fable 3 and we don't even know the details. Move has 10 games that appeal to the hardcore, on top of all the casual Move games already announced.

You're way off base on this one.

boodybandit2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Forza was just a steering game and it didn't even look like the guy was actually playing it. If he was that was some serious lag. We have to wait and see how Fable is utilized especially coming from the creator of Milo. Where was Milo btw? Wasn't that the tempest style music game (again with serious lag) or am I confusing it with something else? Also isn't it multiplatform that will work with Move as well? Did you actually wach the E3 coverage?

The new Socom is nothing like the one released on the PS3 before. Not to mention MS didn't show anything near as hardcore as Socom 4 with Kinects. Kinects will probably never be able to play a FPS game by itself.

Awookie2955d ago

How do you use gas/brake in Forza? how do you walk around in Fable? stop hoping and open your eyes Move has actually shown us it is able to do anything a controller can do with no lag and precision.

While Kinect is just a bag promises that when you open you realize has lag, bugs and lacks alot of function without buttons.

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002955d ago

which ever has good games, unless your causal.

Typical-Guy2955d ago

Well I'm going with Move since it has hardcore games support.

D4RkNIKON2955d ago

Kinect didn't have a single core game.. unless you count that clone wars game..

Typical-Guy2955d ago

Yeah that game ! wow just wow./S
was he moving automatically forward or..... ?

Elwenil2955d ago

Yeah it looked to me like you stand in position and deal with everything in that area and then get warped forward. Reminded me of all the old shooter arcade games like Area 51. Might be fun for kids but not anything I would consider hard core, but then you could say that about 90% of what Microsoft showed today. Who knows though, maybe Microsoft giving the Wii some competition could make them both strive to make better games like the batter between Sony and Microsoft has done. The only bad part is they will be casual games and not anything pleasing to gamers like me. Then again it may just bomb completely.

Awookie2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

At least Kinect started a new genre, on rail action games

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