Playstation Home update could come with E3

Playstation Home could very well be something to do with E3 2010, but don’t expect a live demo.

Today, Thylaudax (The European Playstation Home community manager) has announced that Playstation Home will be going offline tomorrow (Tuesday 14th June) at 8pm BST, this is the time that Sony will take to the stage at E3 2010.

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WhittO2717d ago

Sounds Interesting.

Why would they need to take Home offline ?

Could we be seeing a new integrated PSN with Home + Trophies etc ?

Godmars2902717d ago

You'd think that it would happen before or after.

crysis122717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Does anyone still use Home, besides first time psn users?

Godmars2902717d ago

Old. Tired. Joke.

Try to do better next time please.

Justin_bristoe2716d ago

dont be mad at mad at your broke father who couldnt get u a ps3 for christmas

jay22717d ago

Must be for the trophy room etc we were MENT to get 2 yrs ago.

richard9192717d ago

yeah! i want the trophy room!

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2717d ago

Last year they had the sony conference up, but on a replay , it was pretty cool watching it with 50 others. I hope it's for E3 again , cause most likely I have a feeling the trophy room might cost something , but you never know till later.

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