Capcom wants ideas for SSFIITHDR achievements

Have you ever bought a game, taken a look at the Achievements, and thought to yourself "Who the hell came up with these?!"? Yes, this has happened to us all at some point between when we got our Xbox 360 and now. However, Capcom has taken the first step towards what could turn into an awesome trend. That trend is asking gamers for their opinion on what a game's Achievements should be.

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PS360PCROCKS4132d ago

Great Idea Capcom I have come across lots of idiotic achievements that make me shake my head. It's like the devs finish the game and their like "oh yea and throw some achievements in their too" They were made to be goals, not a joke. I say good for you Capcom, but as for the title "SSFIITHDR" I still don't even know what that all stands for personally

Marceles4132d ago

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Rhezin4132d ago

yaaa I'm gonna need those TPS reports........DID YA GET THE MEMO