Fear, loathing: embargoes control game reveals, exclusivity

ARS: When you write about games, your calendar will soon begin to look like a maze of embargoes. When you agree to play a game or see a presentation before a title is released, you are stuck agreeing to the publisher's schedule, which dictates exactly what you're allowed to talk about and when you can talk about it. This is par for the course, and when you see a rush of reviews all at the same time, you'll know an embargo has lifted.

The problem is not that embargoes make everyone equal—it's that some websites are more equal than others. There are, of course, plenty of objections to make about the whole embargo process. Today we're going to look at what happens when embargoes are no longer used to keep everyone on equal footing, and are instead leveraged to make sure only the chosen few sites are able to share the hoarded news.

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