Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion leaked?

With just hours away from EA’s press conference a French fan site appears to of leaked a press release which confirms a new Battlefield Bad Company 2 expansion that takes place in Vietnam. The press release also outlines plans to launch a new program called the “Gun Club” which plans to offer members access to betas, demos, and content for titles like Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Dead Space 2, and more.

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B-Real2062958d ago

nice I hope this is single player!

deadreckoning6662958d ago

Dude Onslaught is gunna be sick!

ASSASSYN 36o2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

...fix the lagg then will talk EA!

But, despite the issues boom!

UnwanteDreamz2958d ago

I have to agree. I had no problems (PS3) until the last update. Now every time I play.

El_Colombiano2958d ago

I have never EVER had any lag while playing. I thought there were also servers on the 360 version?

ASSASSYN 36o2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

The lagg issues are on both consoles in random locations. EA requests you post states time of lagg issues and even what county, or province your at. Some people have not experienced lagg issues. And yes I got it only after the last update which is the consensus on the BF2 forums.

Dlacy13g2958d ago

What I dont Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam? I mean, it looks to be set back in the 60' does this mean they are dumping the characters from the current game for this expansion? I just dont get the leap back in time for an expansion.

DJKGBYF2958d ago

I liked the original Battlefield Vietnam, so I hope this will be good.

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