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"Spike TV is the exclusive home of the Microsoft E3 Keynote presentation from the 2010 E3. For those of you not able to get to your TV, we will be giving you a front row seat to the entire presentation as it happens in real time via Cover It Live. So sit back and relax and enjoy the show, and expect to see lots of this bad boy right here..."

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N4GAddict2900d ago

The conference is great so far.

Rainstorm812900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )


Skittles, Where are you?.....Done! *WALKS OUT*

dktxx22900d ago

ya no its not. started out good with games, but right now its freakin painful.

dktxx22900d ago

okay i change my mind, its absolutely excruciating to watch.

blu_yu_away2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I've been absolutely bored out of my mind the past, what 50 minutes? The only interesting parts of the conference were Gears, Halo, and the announcement of ESPN streaming although they didn't need to demonstrate it that long.

boodybandit2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Gears and Reach were cool but all this video chatting and television watching with Kinect is boring the sh!t out of me. Is this a freaking gaming console or not? If I want to call someone I have a phone. If I want to video chat I can do that on my PS3 but guess what? I never did because I use my gaming consoles to play video games. If I want to watch a movie or ESPN I have Direct TV. More purchased DLC deals and now deals with ESPN? WTF!?

I am being serious here and not trolling. I don't understabd what in the hell MS is thinking! I want GAMES and I most of all want NEW IP's exclusive only on the 360! I'm holding out hope but so far other than the usual suspects I am not liking this.

I have not heard that crowd give an honest applause once and all of them end faster than they start. This so far is a disappointment. Where are the GAMES!? The NEW GAMES?!

So far the biggest applause was for a game called Kinectables. A little girl playing with a virtual tiger cub. SIGH

MS you are starting to sway to the dark side, the Wii non gaming side.
I have been saying for years to stop wasting money on DLC, timed exclusive and over the top marketing campaigns. I want more exclusives, new ip's, more new studio support but what do you do instead? Virtual chat, television deals and kids games for a console intially built for hardcore gamers.

I feel like MS is losing their way.
Let Nintendo have the casual market MS. Give me the GAMES!

If Sony goes this route with their press conference I might literally cry for the first time since I was a young boy. I feared this is what was goign to happen when the Wii became popular. Worst fears are coming true. Is gamin as we knew it dying? Are we hardcore gamers going to become extinct?

SIGH The thing that is making me actually pissed here is people pretending to be so excited while playing these casual games. If I am being totally honest some of them look neat, not for me, but neat none the less. But for at that is goly stop the totally fake enthusiasm.

qface642900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

no its not its weird usually the start of the conference is the boring part then it gets good but it started out good with games then it got boring with all that video kinect and espn and that stuff still wait8ing for that to end

oh my god they are gonna show THOSE games now -____-

Biggest2900d ago

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! He is a dancing queen! Are they being serious right now? Is this what people were supposed to be excited about? So we have Call of Duty, again. We have Fable 3, again. We have Halo: Reach, again. We have Gears of War, again. And then we have the most revolutionary web cam ever made. Wow.

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Bumpmapping2900d ago

Conference is horrible even the crowd hates it

andron6662900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Almost bored to sleep at this point. Hope they have some games soon...

Edit: Just when you thought it couldn't get worse Kinectimals comes along. Hardcore gamers cry out in pain. Cute kid, but come on...

Rainstorm812900d ago

I noticed...I must admit the espn thing is cool but without the NFL its like why? for me anyway

dktxx22900d ago

maybe sony got the nfl network exclusive. god that would just be a c()ckslap in the face to MS wouldnt it?

Obama2900d ago

Now the BAM there it is guy is on the stage lol.

Lucreto2900d ago

How long is the conference on for?

andron6662900d ago

Trying to appeal to hardcore and casual gamers in the same show doesn't gel smoothly. They start of with CoD and Gears3 then turn into Nintendo lite...

Lucreto2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I expect Sony to do the same but I don't know for how long.

The conference is okay I just hope MS don't take another Sony exclusive and just start a new IP instead.

andron6662900d ago

But I think Sony will do it in a better way, they have always had more variety in their lineups.

With MS now, it's like they have nearly abandoned the core gamers. I expect a huge backlash after the conference if they haven't got some more for them...

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