CNN: First Impressions of Microsoft's 'Kinect'

CNN -- Microsoft and Cirque du Soleil jumped the gun on Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) events with a special pre-show gala Sunday night celebrating motion-control system Project Natal's official renaming as "Kinect."

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chaosatom2873d ago

I am no clue why they named it "Kinect", it's way worse than Natal.

disposable2873d ago

The article said "kinetic" twice.

bigj2873d ago

Why are yall crying over a name.Its not that bad of a name.It beats EYE TOY and MOVE.I bet Sony spent a whole 10 minutes coming up with the name MOVE.Damn this site should be renamed WHINERS.COM.

pangitkqb2873d ago

Microsoft will reveal something that actually makes "Kinect" seem worth the effort and $$.

In general, Move and Kinect better bring out something awesome, cuz I already have a Wii and I don't need Wii Sports in HD. The point is, are these motion controls really bringing something new? I hope so but as of yet I haven't seen it.

Anon19742873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

They've been slathering all over Natal for the past year and suddenly it's not good enough. Wtf? This is the same product we saw a year ago. Why were you all falling all over yourselves then while gamers tried to figure out what the hype was about and now, suddenly you're unimpressed?

Edit below: But when Time was calling it one of the top inventions of the year, they weren't saying "We can't wait till they improve on this." No one was. The media had been making it out like it was some type of game changer. It's a camera! It's always been a camera. We've had camera's on consoles and PC's for years. I remember playing a breakout type game on a PC with a web-cam a decade ago. I never did understand what the hype was about, or why the hype has died now. It's like the media super inflated the hype surrounding Natal simply because they wanted something interesting to write about, and now that it's ready to launch and they realize it's not a game changer, they're all backing down because they don't want to look like the fools who recommended the product in the first place.

Feel free to comment before my post is collapsed for "trolling". While gamers are interested to talk about what's going on, some in the community seem to be a bit sensitive and would prefer we didn't.

blizzard_cool2873d ago

Because people were waiting for an improvement and they didn't get it.

-Alpha2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

This is exactly what I was expecting. I particularly thought MS was hiding its "hardcore" games for E3 but it was a no-show.

Kinect is aimed squarely towards casuals. It makes me wonder if hardcore games will support Kinect with simple features no one cares for, making it an optional device for the hardcore instead of a must-buy new invention. The biggest problem involves the fact that you have to be active to use Kinect and not only that but you also need good support, and the lack of First Party worries me about Kinect.

Compare that to MOVE where I feel much more inclined to buy it because it changes the way I play hardcore games and makes things better.

And to my knowledge MS still is using the simple demo titles. Apparently a Star Wars game was shown, but what else? I mean, I'm very disappointed. I don't even think casuals or just gamers themselves want to jump around and duck. I'm not a fat guy or anything but I'm too damn lazy to play Kinect and I simply don't have the interest in what they have so far, and I REALLY expected MS to show something interesting.

I guess I should have known better. Right now I am hoping that the LIVE features that will be announced at the 360 conference are huge and fantastic enough to make me happy and I hope to see some new games and to be wowed with Halo Reach single player gameplay, Gears 3, and Fable 3.

insomnium2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I don't get the hate you recieve by some. The truth hurts perhaps?

Anyway I've been waiting all this time just knowing MS is keeping the lid on Natal on purpose so once they do reveal their Natal properly it'll shut up the naysayers once and for all. I can't believe this is it....

Oh yes I do despise MS for plenty of reasons but I was very cautious before judging Natal since the burn is big after that if they do pull through with Natal no matter how lame it looked out to be before e3.

I think we all had a hunch about Natal not being the right thing for hc-gaming. I guess this nails it.

NecrumSlavery2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Same thing happened to Milli Vanilli...They recovered right?

or Ashley Simpson..better example?

Brewski0072873d ago

Presentation is as important as the product. If they fail to deliver something on the good side of the media when its time to (which I believe they have) then the performance and marketing of the product can be severly damaged.
The media were all over it because microsoft put mega bucks into marketing to gain exposure. The more exposure a product get the more media will cling to it.

Mr_Bun2873d ago

I guess the media were expecting something other than hype this time around.

Pennywise2873d ago

But it was hard to tell just what was being demonstrated at the bash, apart from the Redmond giant's fierce determination to push this hardware to the forefront of successful gaming technology. The smoke, mirrors and half-naked people slathered in face paint didn't quite mask what seemed to be a limited, and undercooked, selection of initial supporting titles and concepts.

^^And thats what they got.

Mr_Bun2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I have no idea why they invited the media to that event. It was geared for soccer moms and children.

jmare2873d ago

From what I gather from people's responses, Microsoft captured people's imagination with the initial reveal of Natal and this presentation last night reeked of style over substance. It turned people off because Microsoft put on a show versus presenting Kinect in a straightforward way. And what was shown for Kinect didn't impress people. All there was were imitations of Wiisports/Sports Resort, Eyepet, and a Minority Report interface. People were expecting more.

Gun_Senshi2873d ago

Natal is for Hardcore
Natal is never seen before tech

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Bellcross2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

This is what hype does, Ms put all the media attention on Natal/Kinect promising a gaming revolution, but all they did was create one of the worse moment in gaming history.

This will not be forgotten.

mushroomwig2873d ago

It's a shame it was delayed 30 minutes. :(

mrv3212873d ago

Did you get that from gamespot? I believe they got there time wrong, as IGN has alway had 6:30

negrito2112873d ago

ya i now they probably had to readjust there pre recorded types and one more last minute rehearsal ..hey we all read about yesterday .......!!!

Bellcross2873d ago

Yes it was delayed on gamespot.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

There is a preview on E3 using the camera for Star Wars, some people is fake, but I think is real, because I'm watching Gametrailers and they show the same guy but with other game and the scenario.

djfullshred2873d ago

All the hype in the world is not going to make me want to play a driving game where I use an imaginary steering wheel.

BeaArthur2873d ago

Agreed. Nor would I want to play a driving game with a wand and nunchuck either.

Absolut_Turkey2873d ago

Oh look. Another random, opinion- based, off topic comment from Bea. New N4G, same petty trolls.

On topic: "Let's wait until E3." Remember that? Well here it is, and Kinect still fails to impress. Honestly, what did people think was going to happen?

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