Sony: Microsoft's downloadable content is stuck in the past

Following Sony's press conference at the recent E3 Media & Business Summit, Gamasutra sat down with the firm's Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing for PlayStation, for a chat on his specialist subject.

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Effects Guardian4158d ago

I couldn't agree more with this guy. MS needs to change their Marketplace to win over more consumers of the online market.

Marceles4158d ago

I don't know about MS since I don't own a 360 (yet), but Sony is just now adding new stuff to PSN...but all PS3 owners remember when Rampart and Championship Sprint and Joust came out every week for a whole month. That was like torture...

ArduousAndy4157d ago

meeting you for the first time so let me say my hellos. Hello.

Anyway I have to disagree with your comment.

MS is constantly updating the marketplace with new items everyday. They have at least 1 xbla game a week. Atleast 1 demo every 2-4 weeks. New videos atleast once every 2 days. And that is not including the video marketplace.

That is not including gamer pics and themes that come in everyday.

What is PSN's frequency I ask not as a flame war but I am curious.

To say that The MS marketplace is stuck in the past is ridiculous. If it was then why is PSN starting to do the same.

What is so Futuristic about the PSN that XBLM is "stuck in the past"

ReconHope4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

he wasnt talking about the amount exactly. i think what he was trying to say was that xbox live gets 2 much arcade games? while psn is investing in games like warhawk,little big planet, tekken 5, socom confrontation, and services like home?

edit- im all the way down at the bottom with the same post but i want my opinion up here. ^_^

Blankman4158d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

and sony has NO downloadable content. I don't hate on sony but i mean get your sh1t together before you bash your opponents . I love what sony is doing with warhawk and socom and pain but they have to strengthen their PSN network before they should attack xbox live

At Tsukash you dont need to tell me what is on the psn i own a ps3. Unfortunately i also own a 360 and if you compare the rate at which stuff come on PSN and live its simply not comparable. I watched 6 demos hit live E3 week and none on PSN. We have been promised demo after demo Lair, heavenly sword, ratchet and clank while they will come eventually waiting for them suck especially when nothing is coming in and then tons of live demos keep hittin. Just got off playing All pro on live and i love it. Was skeptical over the ratings but i love it. I would prefer to buy it for ps3 so am gonna hold out a couple of weeks cus i heard about a demo but if i dnt see 1 am buying for 360

Tsukasah4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

PSN has plenty of downloadable content, theres atleast 16 calssic ps1 games out, tons of game demos, lots of video trailers, qutie a few add-ons, and about 6 original games, Super Rub A Dub, Calling All Cars, Nucleus, Blast Factor, Stardust, and flOw or something like that... And of course the monthly firmware update, free online, and quite a few classic arcade games like, Mortal Kombat II, Joust, Gauntlet II, Rampart, Rampage, and a few more, i havent been on PSN in awhile.

I know XBL has alot more content, but you have to remember, its years older than PSN, and PSN is actually growing at a very quick, alarming rate.

I would have been OK if you'd of said PSN doesnt have much DLC.. but when you said NO content... you made me mad :)

BLACKJACK VII4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

I will agree that Sony has made strides with their online service & the obvious fact of being free. Too say it has *no* downloadable content is absurd. However, it does not compare to XBL on any level at this time, IMHO - not even counting downloadable movies & tv shows that yes, u have 2 pay for, but it is a nice option. There are so many demos, game trailers, movie trailers, arcade games & so on, I don't see how a comparison can be legitimized on any level whatsoever.

But, that isn't what strikes me about this article. This is at least the third outrageous comment this clown has made in a month, & he is an executive spokesman for Sony ? That sort of delusional mentality really sells me on PS3. There are alot of better angles to attack the Xbox360 on, XBL is not one of them.

@ Tsukasah - However, I do agree with the valid points u made.

marionz4157d ago

its good to see sony offers ps1 games and all the other stuff you mention, but im starting to wonder when all that stuff will be released in my country, i still cant get half that stuff in nz

Ignorant Fanboy4158d ago

and thats a funny thing to say when your console has less.

ShiftyLookingCow4158d ago

sorry Dille you look like a retard, go get our demos for Heavenly Sword and Ratchet and work on bringing a lot more to PSN instead of wasting your time poo pooing competition

dantesparda4157d ago

I agree, Marketplace has way more content on it than the PSN. This is ridiculous, what are these companies thinking? that we're stupid or something?

InMyOpinion4157d ago

How much can you expect from a guy that has a perfectly square head?

Dr Pepper4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

What's up with that picture?