Photoblog: We have landed - Gamer's Guide To Life is LIVE at E3

[email protected]: "Oh boy. Ohh boy. It's here. Months of unseen planning, fighting and slightly odd phone conversations has led to this moment. Our man in Havana (or, in this case, E3) is Greg Mengel. He landed a few hours ago, had a quick kip, and - would you believe - was the very first journalist at the E3 Convention Centre. That's passion."

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Valay2899d ago

Some nice photos there.

kidnplay2899d ago

Some very nice photos, looking forward to more

mjolliffe2899d ago

Let's hope for some awesome announcements soon :D Other than the new Xbox 360, I was a little disappointed with the Kinect launch titles...

Mildrop2899d ago

Some great photo's before the masses of press arrive, I like it.

BTW does the Kevin Butler sign go BOOM