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Microsoft is kicking off the show with its E3 2010 Media Briefing at 10:30 a.m. PT on June 14. Tune in live on

Update: Link changed to IGN. Gamespot live stream is slow at the moment.

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zeksta2926d ago

I really hope they can make up ground for that little stunt they pulled of with "Kinect", they really better get their "RAWR" back on! :D

deadreckoning6662926d ago (Edited 2926d ago ) it on Spike! Its in HD. Best way to watch the conference :)

Edit: Its Kojima time! His English has improved exponentially since last year's E3. Awesome guy.

@below- Really? I thought it was kinda underwhelming. I love the cutting part, but Raiden moves like a tank. The gameplay isn't as quick as I expected. I mean the likes of Bayonetta and God of War 3. I doubt it will appeal to many people other than MGS fans.

Rainstorm812926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

and kojima gone exits stage left LULZ

Rising looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

InfectedDK2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Wow Sony is going to destroy them.. Lol..
But fair enough Halo Reach looks good, a bit like Doom and Unreal Tournament :)

Biggest2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


Actually, it looks the same. My son just commented on how cartoony it looks. Even he isn't impressed. And here comes Kinect!!! EVEN COOLEREST!!!!

Edit: But now I AM impressed. ESPN on XboxLive, if it has some of the stuff that the normal ESPN channels don't have, is a must have. I can't have enough sports. And of everyone there, the ESPN guys are the only people worth the money MS paid them. Everyone else made me want a nice pillow and warm milk before a nap.

Danteh2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


Edit: Skidles was the highlight of the show

Edit: hahahahah we've got the "Giant Enemy Crab of 2010"... expect remixes of those 2 asians frantically running :D

Biggest2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

My daughter (3yrs old) LOVES the animal thing. Kinect seems to be right up her alley.

Edit: Okay. Why are they trying to lie, but doing the lie wrong? Kinect is supposed to "track your skeleton" or so said the girl to her twin. Yet while they were running the hurdle thing the guy was jumping with two feet while the avatar did a normal hurdle. What is different about this and the NES Power Pad?

sonnyz2926d ago

@Biggest (#1.1.4)

You can watch all that ESPN content on the 360 and PS3 right now with PlayOn.

HQLocated1112926d ago

I honestly feel bad for microsoft, kinect and a god of war wannabe is all they have to show.

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Biggest2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Their VP guy reminds me of the Fed-Ex commercial.

"Good morning!

But I digress."

Edit: It's fucking Afro Samurai! But it's Raiden?

Christopher2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Next 3 years of CoD DLC timed exclusive on Xbox 360... Yay?

Poor Hideo. He looks so uncomfortable up on the stage. :(

Rising looks sweet for an action game. @above: I didn't find it sluggish, but YMMV.

GoW3 looks much better.

Sorry Peter, but I just can't believe any of your promises for an 'epic' adventure anymore :(

Elvfam5112926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Question is can you turn on the Xbox 360 with the command Xbox

Edit:Are They serious is the just the natal presentation?

Edit: I can picture myself running the Kinect Sports mini games lmao

QB_12926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Holy shit MS lame. You guys can't be serious. I don't ever want to hear another peep from the xbox crowed. This is embarrassing!

kinect.....hahahhahahahahahah ahahaaaaaaa

bruddahmanmatt2926d ago

The ESPN partnership is so lame. First off, no NFL which is an automatic FAIL for most sports fans here in the US, and I'm not even a huge football fan. I am however a big Lakers fan but having access to ESPN on a gaming console doesn't mean much to NBA fans for one simple reason, MOST NBA GAMES ARE NOT BROADCAST ON ESPN. The majority of games are broadcast on local networks (KCAL9 for away games and FS West for home games here in LA). On top of that the games which are shown nationally on TNT and ESPN are still broadcast on the local networks. The same is true of many MLB games I'm sure. I'm not too sure about Soccer though. As far as NCAA basketball and football, I know that ESPN does broadcast a lot of college sports but still, many of the Final Four games will be moving to TNT next year anyway

Honestly, if you wanna watch sports alongside your "virtual friends", all you need is a headset and a PS3. Open a chat room, connect to your friends via chat and then switch inputs to your Cable box. You can still talk/hear your friends via your headset and you can watch the game. La dee friggin da.

solidt122926d ago

Im trying to like Kinect but im sorry. It only looks cool as an interface for Xbox 360 and that is only to impress company. It will eventually wear off.

Elvfam5112926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

No game they shown has me interested but in the other hand using as a interface navigator is brilliant.

Wheres the hardcore games?

Edit Why a trailer for Star Wars

Edit2 NVM Forza is there

Edit 3 New 360 looks okay really wish they didn't put a dent towards the middle.

The Dark Knight2926d ago

Where are the friggin games!! kinect looks good i get it, but E3 is about "games" geez, im so bored

Nike2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Highlights of the conference:

1. MGS Rising Gameplay Debut - Though early, the cutting mechanic lookins interesting ('Zan-tatsu' they called it - wouldn't be surprised if that's what the kanji on that teaser site said :P )

2. Gears of War 3 Four Player story co-op mode - Showed off a lot of the changes, and some really cool gameplay sections. Thankfully a lesser presence of browns and grays this time around.

3. Halo Reach - Space combat, special powers, assassinations and better graphics along with new weapons. Not bad, but I'm sure the best is yet to come.

Middle of the Ground:

1. Black Ops gameplay - Not bad and a hell of a lot more believable than Modern Warfare 2. But nothing horribly original or unique about it all.

2. Fable III - Not much shown, but it's good to see some gameplay footage.

3. Codename Kingdoms - A rather interesting new reveal, given how it's Crytek. No gameplay footage dampens the thrill but something to look out for.

Low points so far:

1. Call of Duty Map Pack timed exclusivity - Who cares?

2. Scripted nature of the event (the speakers kept saying "good morning" at weird times and otherwise looked humdrum)

3. Kinect - What's the point of having a separate conference if they're going to show the same games here? They've got actors once again, which increased the annoyance and tried hard to build it up. Which is all well and good for a "casual" event but in the heart of the 360 fanbase? Comes off as fake and as another person commented, a real "Giant Enemy Crab" moment. They're also devoting a sizeable amount of time to this and other non-gaming features.

Overall, I rate their conference 'okay', a B- and a 7.5 out of 10.

Edit: I'm all for a new 360 design and shipping it as early as possible (no price drop?) but they're giving them away for free to those in attendance? Now that's shady.

Rainstorm812926d ago

They bought the crowd with new Xboxes????


sonnyz2926d ago

They always do that. I got a touchscreen M$ made Acer at their PDC conference last year. Everyone there did.

Christopher2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

It was an A- rating from me. For hardcore gamers, I can see it being a B-, but I'm looking at this from the perspective overall potential and not just hardcore gaming.

1. ESPN was a huge win for Microsoft.

2. Crytek exclusive. Microsoft's attempt to take on God of War, even if they say it's not. Regardless, they have the graphical prowess

3. GoW3 and Halo: Reach both looked great.

4. Kinetic gesture-based and voice active wasn't bad, just not really all that great.

5. Almost no lag whatsoever with Kinect displays during Ubisoft display. It was a ton better than what they've shown in the past. It's still very slight, but nothing that ruined gameplay.

6. Stronger third-party Kinetic showcase of games for casual gamers. This is very important to third-party companies who will be encouraged to make titles for the device if they're not competing with too strong of first-party titles.

7. New slimmer elite model that is out this week at $299. Plus, Arcade is now $149, current elites $249.

This was very strong all around.

deafwing2926d ago

... it's basically turned into the WII ... ah well I guess Nintendo called it on the future of gaming .. all the hardcore stuff was shown within the first 5 minutes of the show ... it just went down hill after that .. the girl playing with the tigher .. he dancing nerd ... - sigh -

the one thing i liked is talking to the unit ... if I can name my xbox B'itch ... I'm sold.

B'itch shut down.
B'itch pause.

The redesign didn't impress and it's the same price .... - sigh - ah well ..

doa7662926d ago

just with the pre E3 anouncements:

little big planet 2
killzone 2
infamous 2
motorstorm 3

gtamike2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

epic fail but they tired their best with no games and all.

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renegade2926d ago

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D4RkNIKON2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I came here to say the same thing

Here goto

zeksta2926d ago

Ok, this buffering crap is annoying me, GIVE ME THE CONFERENCE DAMNIT!! :(

solidt122926d ago

Im watching it on and there's no buffering at all

DoomeDx2926d ago

Dont forget to hit REFRESH to fix the buffering issues



Stefie232926d ago

lol! Funny bubble vote.

renegade2926d ago

waht ever i watching it at justin tv

MadMan002926d ago

I really don't think it works. o.o

divideby02926d ago

starting off with COD...wth.. I was expecting a 1st party blow out title...
not the rehashed COD crap

renegade2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

thanks it lags like hell.
Edit:For now is normal thanks for the link.