E3 2010: UFC 2010 Sales Underperforming

IGN:THQ isn't thrilled with the sales of its latest fighter, UFC Undisputed 2010.

The publisher released an updated financial outlook this morning, noting initial shipment numbers for the game weren't as high as it expected.

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Pennywise2957d ago

Online Code = Underperforming - YES.
Incremental Upgrades not worthy of a $60 purchase = Underperforming - YES.

Seems like the data is correct as should be.

EpicGamerSwordsman2956d ago

dont forget to add that THQ thought that customers were retarded enough to fall for the Capcom tactic (making you pay for something thats already in the game) They're charging for people to pay 5$ to add the online multiplayer

DongHungLong2956d ago

If it hadn't been for this I would have purchase day 1.

Christopher2956d ago

If you're going to attempt to compete in the currently very niche market of fighting games, you gotta bring your A game and absolutely nothing else. That was not done with UFC 2010.

Lord Gunchrote2956d ago

UFC 2009 is good enough for most people out there is why. You can't make this shit an annual release lol. what they hell are they thinking??

dizzleK2956d ago

some games, scratch that, NO game needs an annual release. none.

Milkman5412956d ago

Sorry but I'm not buying a title that has done nothing to upgrade from the previous years...Sports titles I might buy every other year but I'm not dishing out $60 each year for new rosters.

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The story is too old to be commented.