Real Ending of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

After the credits rolled in and you see Naked Snake willingly accepting the title of the Big Boss, that is not the end of the game. There is one more chapter to play that will conclude the Peace Walker saga. [Contains Spoilers]

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MattyF2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Amazing game and def worth the effort to see the true ending.

jaredhart2835d ago

A lot of my friends told me Snake died because they turned it off at the credits.

MightyMark4272835d ago

the ending is pretty long and some people doesn't have the patience. The real ending is worth seeing but it takes a lot of time as there a lot of things to do to unlock it


Thanks for the SPOILER TAG we only just got it in uk

BABY-JEDI2834d ago

??? Snake noooooooooo ???

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