Opinion: Can Kinect cut it with hardcore gamers?

Kinect has landed. Or should that be shyly stepped in from stage left?

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deadreckoning6662931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I'll decide when I play it...thats the only way a gamer(not fanboy) can tell.

Gamerbee2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

It cant cut it period.

DEA Fresh2931d ago

MS already has a controller and games for hardcaore gamers. This is an attempt to capture more casual gamers ie the parents that play Wii. How many hardcore gamers are still out there debating over PS3 and 360 waiting on there motion controls to decide. These articles are so dumb. Yes Kinect is for kids.

Cevapi882931d ago

yea, but MS has promised that Kinect is for everyone and that no one is going to be disappointed by the game catalog....Sony has said the same thing about Move....after E3 we will see which company will keep its promise because when the holiday season comes around....all the preparation or lack thereof over the summer will guarantee success or failure

FangBlade2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

pew pew.... pew.

King_of _the_Casuals2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

but it's not for the Hardcore. It's for Casuals, hence why it's premiering on MTV and Nick. I've already shown the Youtube clips to people here in my office and they are SUPER excited about it1 They'll be buying it for there kids this X-mas and want to play with it as well. And no they are not gamers.

Double Toasted2931d ago

Besides me already having a Wii, Natal is the only thing next I'm interested in. But, I honestly can't think of anything to use it for with games besides a microphone, which is plus for me, being that I won't have to put it on my head. Other than that...its all about the Minority Report stuff. Oh and it will also work on my PC. Funny, people don't mention the uses for that side of user ability.

Imalwaysright2931d ago

Ive been playing games for more than 19 years and i can decide if kinect will suit my tastes as a gamer without playing it, just like i know that i wont like game X without playing it. You really should speak for yourself.

OT From what ive seen so far Kinect is worse than the Wii. The Wii at least has Mario and Zelda.

morkendo2931d ago

it's for kids enough said... natal is deffinately for kids.

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Milamber2931d ago

There's going to be a devs out there that put Natal to good use. Who cares what MS are pushing, there are devs out there that have development kits for this thing and some devs that have been using the same imput methods in their games for years may decide to take on this challenge and innovate. Those that have been developing for Wii will have honed their abilities over the past year and will jump on the opportunity to access Xboxs large userbase.

By saying this peripheral will have nothing to offer gamers is the same as saying you have no faith in development teams and the games industry as whole. Gaming is about immersion; the best hardcore games are highly immersive and Natal/Kinect can facilitate this immersion with clever use by the devs.

Al Bundy2931d ago

Judging from what MS has shown so far..........NO.

Anon19742931d ago

So far we haven't seen anything that would appeal to the hardcore, and if they do announce something we'll need more than one hardcore title and 20 casual titles to entice the hardcore to pay Kinect's price tag.

I guess we'll find out more in about 45 minutes or so when MS has their press conference.

D4RkNIKON2931d ago

"Judging from what MS has shown so far..........NO"
It's true and only fanboys would deny it. Granted they have E3 to show some new stuff and it has potential but from what they have shown up to this point it is safe to say no.

thor2931d ago

Why would they show anything for the hardcore? That's not their audience with this. In fact, if they did make a hardcore game for it, it would be a waste of resources.

Anon19742931d ago

I can understand them appealing to new, casual users with Kinect - but to not at least try to appeal to the hardcore that currently own 40 million 360's, that's leaving out a huge potential market. Those guys already own 360's. You'd think it would be easier to get them to buy an attachment because they already own the console, and yet we've seen nothing for the Halo/Gears type player. I think that's a tremendous oversight if MS's press event comes and goes without any Kinect games that appeal to the hardcore.

DelbertGrady2931d ago

We'll probably get those answers in 33 minutes.

thor2931d ago

Kinect conference is a seperate event, so probably not.

Gamerbee2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

They shouldnt have hyped it up so much.

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