5 reasons to hate Kinect

After giving 5 good reasons to love Kinect, Cynamite has published the follow up article with 5 reasons to hate Microsofts new motion control. What do you think?

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SupeerSteebbi2904d ago

This is part 1 out of 20, right?

gamesmaster2904d ago

lmao did anyone else think the mom in that video was getting way too much into that ball game... the kids were just doing the truffle shuffle.

i think kinetic is cool but you dont half look crackers while you're playing it.

bioshock12212904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Can someone explain the Hate for this Kinect thing? Why is it getting a lot of hate saying it failed. When they did exactly what they should have shown casual games since they wanna go for the casual market. What did people expect them to show games like Halo using Kinect.

@darknikon that's why lol like you said it was pre recorder not live so lets actually see it live before we call it a failure.

deadreckoning6662904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

@bioshock1221- You know what the most interesting thing about it all is? None of the people on N4G have played it yet...but there already judging.
Kinect excites me personally, but I'm not giving the thumbs up/down till I play it for myself. Same with Move.

Like seriously. The desperation to see Kinect fail is unbelievable on this site. Its true when they say that N4G is like a "separate universe". I've been to joystick and 1up forumns and believe it or not, multiplatform games are ACTUALLY hyped up as much as exclusives. And while almost ANY gaming news site has their fair share of fanboys..this site is easily the worst I've seen.

Such stupidity and ignorance here. The only reason I keep coming back is because N4G updates much faster than any other gaming news site on the net.

Angainor72904d ago

deadreckoning666 spoke... you are god damn right!!!!!

Redempteur2904d ago

Oh sorry , every journalist ( see how many reports across the net from IGn for example ) present WAS NOT impressed .. and for those who watched the videos and th CMs, we are greeted by what exactly ?
fake gameplay vids ??

if you are excited by lag be it ... On the other hand , wii is working properly and Move showed countless videos showing how responsive et precise their thing was ... something micrososft can't do it seems

morkendo2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

from deadreckoning666
The only reason I keep coming back is because N4G updates much faster than any other gaming news site on the net.

THAT IS NOT TRUE has the latest updates faster than any other site.. they up date every 3-5 min. continuously

D4RkNIKON2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

This is why it failed... Pre recorded video and actors trying to keep up with it.

It was anti lag, or mind reading technology lol. Jedi Mind tricks are at work here

bangoskank2904d ago

Yeah, that was pretty insulting, but I'll reserve my judgment for when MS demonstrates this properly.

Greek God2904d ago

disagreeing with facts

jaredhart2904d ago

Microsoft promised the world.

DelbertGrady2904d ago

The funny thing is that they haven't really showed anything yet.

Angainor72904d ago

it's simple my friend. when the fanboys feel that they are threatened by something really good, they start crying. Good old Sony fanboys...

And honestly, xbox fans have said bad things about Move, it's true.
But nothing compared to the mud that Kinect receives already.

Arnon2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Why aren't there more people like you on this site. The event was pretty horrendous, but the objective of it was to appeal to the casual market. The fact that gaming bloggers and journalists were there expecting something extremely hardcore was just... yeah.

We haven't even really seen Kinect in action. If they can actually pull off that Star Wars game, then that would be something to look forward to. There's really nothing wrong with rail-games. Time Crisis was fun :P

I'm personally not interested in any of the motion controllers. The only reason I would buy them is to have very basic immersion within hardcore games, and to navigate the dashboard.

Odin7772904d ago

I'm still skeptical of the potential of natal er kinect. There's no doubt it's going to sell a sh*tload but so did all those casual wii games so that means nothing to me. All the videos I've seen of Kinect really just look like Eyetoy, I know saying that pisses a lot of you off, but the similarities are too obvious to ignore. Hopefully Microsoft has some hardcore games to show at their conference; if not, this new toy ceases to hold my interest.

loslonelyman2904d ago

is because Sony's Move already has shown Socom and Killzone 3 and (in 2015 :-) Grand Turismo 5) as titles to use it. Microsoft has basically turned Natal/Kinect into a Wii add on in HD with awesome social features. So the hate comes from the fact...EVERYONE thought AAA titles using Kinect were going to debut at E3...yet WE GOT SQUAT. Hate Explained!

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Godmars2902904d ago

What's with the "5" reasons title when they give "7"?

Someone on that site really can't count.

crazy17042904d ago

errrrrr? Because the first and last page of the article aren't reasons. It's the index and an image gallery :)

renegade2904d ago

A lot of konect hating today?

Christopher2904d ago

Since I commented on the pro list, it's only fair that I comment on this one as well.

1. Name: Really? As long as it delivers who cares what it's called?

2. Better with a controller: Depends on the 'game'. Track and field, volleyball, aerobic/yoga exercises and similar items will be better without controllers. This isn't a universal rule that it's either you use a controller or you don't. Depends on the game.

3. More animals: Yeah, tell that to the huge amount of money Ubisoft made off of all the Nintendog games.

4. Smoke and mirrors: Wait till the demos on the showroom floor to make that assessment. Last night was just the filming of a 30-minute infomercial, which are always about smoke and mirrors.

5. Casual-directed: We just don't know this yet, but it could be possible. Even if it is, if Microsoft is able to sell these to the target audience at even half the amount that Wii has, it's a complete success.

hamburgerhill2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

You deserve more bubbles! Keep up the fair and unbiased comments.

Christopher2904d ago

Correction above, don't know why I said ubisoft instead of Nintendo... I blame my excitement in reading six different liveblogs of the pre-MS conference banter while people wait in line :p

hamburgerhill2904d ago

NO worries...Just glad to see others excited!

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