Forget Consoles! PC Has the Best Line-Up!

With so much going on for consoles with their motion controls this year, have we forgotten the awesome lineup the PC is getting for software? SFX Rectrix of lists ten supreme games worthy of our attention that are coming to PC soon.

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HolyOrangeCows2926d ago

....I think I'll actually wait to see the conferences before I declare "Forget consoles!"

bootsielon2926d ago

Must have written this piece of garbage "article"

Hideo_Kojima2926d ago

meh... ignorant gamers only play on one platform.

Nihilism2926d ago

So it's ignorance that has lead me away from owning:

Gameboy Colour
Gamebot advance

To now only gaming on PC?...

no it is experience and wisdom.

Paying $10-20 more for an inferior experience?, hope, done with it, you have fun though.

I'm sure all those full price games + paid DLC + paid DLC + paid DLC...

bring you endless amounts of joy.

The Wood2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

luckily for the rest of us both sony and nintendo will probably 'spit hot fire' tomorrow.

Wait a sec, I still think MS has something to say tomorrow actually but up til now they've done a bit of sH1t....i can see thats the general consensus

SOAD2926d ago

Dude I'm watching the Halo Reach gameplay and all I can say is fuck the haters. The gameplay looks amazing. The visuals have taken such a leap forward that I'm not sure how the 360 can do it but it's doing it.

That's all I got to say. When I logged in a couple hours ago and saw all the negative news about the 360 press conference I was expecting the worst, so far I've watched the Gears 3 demo and now the Reach demo and they're both great. This shows to me that despite having a lackluster presentation yesterday, Microsoft can support the 360 for another 2 years because they are now pulling into a new gear.

So seriously, stop spreading FUD about the 360 because if all anyone bought the console for was Halo and Gears then they're not going to be disappointed with it.

The Wood2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

we all knew about gears, fable etc...Ive said in a previous comment that the games shown were great but i, like many others, expected more. Greenberg did say everybody will be catered for but he missed the bit about 60% of the show being bravado, 35% casual and 5 for us, the core.

no need to ef n blind..MS just done sh!t this year and i reply to ya because i definitely see you as a fair commenter but people were NOT impressed

tweakedhuman2926d ago

none of the console only games interest me anyways..

i prefer what pc overs..and the competitive side of things...

so yea forget consoles ...if you game like me

Anon73492926d ago

-Star Wars: The Old Republic

I've never been really into starwars but if I look at it from a gameplay perspective, this game looks like a WoW clone. Which I am not interested in at all.

-Final Fantasy XIV

We all know this game is on the PS3, but lets be realistic.... The PC version WILL be superior, there's no avoiding it, so if you want to play this game the best way it can possibly be played (Graphics, Performance, CONTROLs, and Online) you'll need to play this on the PC.

-Sid Meier’s Civilization V

What can I say, it's a Civ game.

-StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2, enough said.

-WoW: Cataclysm

If you like WoW, sure it's alright I suppose but you have an awful taste in games anyways.


Text isn't necessary to describe this game's jaw dropping gameplay, graphics and pure, potent awesomeness. Games like these are the reason why PC gamers are so proud.

-Crysis 2

We all know this is a PC game, whether it's on consoles or not...

-The Witcher 2


The revolution of MMOs, This changes everything(About MMOs)

-Portal 2

Portal 2!

PC gaming is where it's at for me, but that doesn't mean I'm anti console. I love my PS3, wii, DS, and PSP.

I can't wait for all the console exclusives that about to be released...

The Last Guardian
Blazblue: Continuum Shift
New Zelda Game
Zone Of Enders 3
Persona 5
Metroid: Other M
Ar tonelico 3
Armored Core 5
Another Century's Episode: R

And many others..

trancefreak2926d ago

my kids when they get game time skip pass all 3 consoles and connect straight to steam. They just love playing with zombies on the pc.

Obama2926d ago

For me ps3 has the best lineup. However, I can't wait to get sc2 and diablo 3 on the pc.

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