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The PSP is starting to look more and more like the PS2 in its late age. With many recent releases being in the RPG genre, the PSP seems to have finally hit its stride with solid core RPG titles and Atlus has been one of the key providers of this cause. Their most recent PSP release, Hexyz Force, comes from RPG developer Sting, famous for their work on Evolution Worlds, Riviera: The Promised Land, and Knights in the Nightmare -- which will be released on the PSP later this year. Hexyz Force features a diverse cast of characters, two unique stories, and features traditional dungeon-based exploration to create a straightforward and portable RPG title.

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StixRemix2812d ago

Interesting, I may just have to check this out. You can never have too many rpgs.

VegaShinra2812d ago

the PSP has a lot of great RPGs l8ly