Mortal Kombat Frame by Frame Trailer Breakdown

Gamervision: "Yesterday Warner Games released a trailer for the newest game to wear the Mortal Kombat label. Sure, you already watched the video, but did you watch it? Well fear not, we took a look at it for you, and are ready to let you in on all of the things you may have missed."

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xHarvey2958d ago

I love these frame by frame videos and IGNs rewind theater. So informative.

Christopher2958d ago

Yeah, was just about to post the same. I didn't even notice the fighters fighting in the back on the pit level at all or the slave women in the background of the last part.

Ri0tSquad2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Raiden wasn't in MK3. Looks more like MK4 Raiden.

-This game is really fast compared to MK2, MKvsDC (awesome)
-There's no run button, but there is a dash (why aren't they listening to the fans?)
-The hit collision sucks (1:42 clearly shows this)
-It looks like a 3D MK in 2D (MKvsDC in 2D)

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2957d ago

lovin the return to the 2d style....not sure how cheesy the tag team will be, hate Capcom vs Marvel. I hope we see the return of all the characters from MK Trilogy, or even those from the newer games. More is always better, especially in a game like this. Feel the palms sweatin, and the quarters burning a hole in the pocket back in the day of the arcade with the way this is looking.

Glad to see the 3d fighting is going on the back burner. If this stays this way, a MK Trilogy style gameplay (combos, moves, etc...) I am all over this. Lets just hope they dont try to pander to the E rating or make the combo moves so damn hard like in MK vs DC.