Raising an eyebrow at Kinect

Classy Gamer analyzes Microsoft's approach to hands-free motion control after the anticipated E3 presentation.
While it's obvious that the gaming press and enthusiasts are largely unimpressed, the mass appeal of such an approach is still to be gauged.

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DoomeDx2808d ago

Aww sweet jesus.

n4g has turned in n4ku. News 4 kinect users.

enough with it already!

DoomeDx2808d ago

Wow so ignorant.

E3 doesnt mean N4g has to be filled with Kinect stuff every 10 seconds.

WhittO2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Yes thats usually what E3 means on this site lol.

10 Articles with the same info/news

Did you not visit N4G the last 3 E3s ? lol Everytime I refresh there is like 10 new stories lol, N4G must be making a lot of money on advertising this week!

bub162808d ago

they got plenty more to give us aswell :(

seany12808d ago

especially when its a crap as kinkytic or whatever its called lol

Abriael2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

It's part of the news of the day, what can you do. Tomorrow it'll be all about GT5 and Move :D

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Today it's the conference from MS.

Means you will see a lot of articles about this.

Tomorrow you will see a lot of Nintendo, and after that a lot of articles from Sony and E3.

Waiting the Conference from MS:

XxDarkGamerxX2808d ago

True, very true.
N4G is not even intresting anymore

DeltaZ3R052808d ago

look its the real truth behind kinect ! shocking lol

Gamerbee2808d ago

Nice media coverage of Microsofts hyped up failure,.

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SlipperyMooseCakes2808d ago

Pretty poor article IMO. I'm not really digging all of the blogs being submitted as of late. =/

DelbertGrady2808d ago

By as of late you mean the last 2 years?

Abriael2808d ago

There's absolutely no rule against blogs on N4G, there has never been one, and there never will be.
Blogs can produce quality articles just as much as the "Big" sites, if not more, given that they are independent and they don't owe favors to anyone.

If you relied only on "professional" journalists for your gaming news and commentary, it'd be quuite a feast of PR spin and misinformation.

SlipperyMooseCakes2808d ago

I'm not saying there is/was a rule. I also did not say that I wanted a rule against it, I'm just simply sick of blogs.

You're correct on how people should submit blogs, but you have to admit they're usually trash, fanboy propaganda or both. Occasionally there is a quality piece, but for the most part, no.

That is why I am sick of them. Not against them.

Armyntt2808d ago

I disagree i do not believe in blogs to get my news. Ill read for their editorial stuff but bloggers are not journalists imo.

Keltik822808d ago

Get ready for a lot more bro.

Anon19742808d ago

Last year Natal was all the gaming press were talking about. Now it's like they've all turned on Kinect en masse. I don't really understand. How were they impressed by Ricochet a year ago and suddenly they find it uninteresting? This is the exact same product you've all been raving about for the last year. What's different?

WMW2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

they might of thought it would of shown something good by now. last year they were excited about what could be. now they see what it actually is a gimmick.

KingME2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Can anyone sense the pure "OBJECTIVITY", "FAIRNESS" and "UNBIASED" journalism in this article (That was a joke). This has got to be the most one sided Natal hating b!tcha$$ crybaby article about Natal/Kinect I have read to date.

I think this guy was actually shedding tears as he was writing this. This is becoming ridiculous, the boy is butthurt if I have ever seen it.

Is there ANY shame left in journalism anymore. Seriously though, I think there needs to be reprecussions for poor irresponisble journalism and it obviously should seriously consider holding reckless BLOGGERS responsible for their careless writings.

Freedom of speech is one thing, but reckless booty chatter should not be allowed.

@Abriael (below) - Actually you can simple KMA twice, I'm not butthurt. If you can see the negative bias of this article and read the writers intent from the narations the he puts in to parentheses the you're either a fake a$$ fanboy or a damn fool. (Choose the shoe that you'd like to wear, you can obviously fit eitherof them.)

All I'm asking for is some responsible writing. Kind of like all the BS gloom and doom articles that were written in the past about the PS3, haters seem to just spew out bullsh!t and no one says anything about it. Then when they are proven wrong they simple STFU for a week or so, then start the same destructive process all over again the first chance they get.

Abriael2808d ago

Umh... the only one here that looks quite butthurt is you, to be fair.

Do you work at Microsoft? Project director for Nat.. ahem, kinect? because you're taking it quite personally.

It's criticism, and WAY milder than most articles you read out there.

sonnyz2808d ago

Could you please post some examples (quotes) from the article that you consider to be proof of negative bias? I re-read the parts in parenthesis and didn't really see any "booty chatter."

Abriael2808d ago

"responsible writing"? what do you expect from "responsible writing"? no crticism at all?

All the article says is "so far it doesn't look good, we'll have to see if something happens before launch".

Sorry if it offends your obviously fanboyish beliefs, but that's what you got from most of the press. That's what Microsoft gets for basing their whole buzz on smoke and mirrors. When they'll show something actually meaty we'll see if it'll change our minds.

KingME2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Okay, Abriael you are right. This article is completely fair and straight forward. My bad. All opinion pieces should be taken for truth, I mean after all it is the internet and therefore it should be believed.

Kinda of like if I say you are a D!CK (which I'm not) if I put it in a blog, millions of people may read it and 15-20% of them may automatically draw the conclusion that you are a D!CK. Especially my loyal readers. That would be consider irresponsible writing.

For example: "The much anticipated (not really) Natal"
Is "not really" Fact or his opinion?

"(besides the Star Wars game, that will probably suffer from the lack of... you know... an handle to grip on, something that lightsabers tend to actually have)."

When rolling a bowling ball doesn't the ball have actual holes to put your fingers through? Where are th holes in the wiimote? (so why bring it up.)

When hitting a heavy bag, shoudn't there at least be a bag in your living room to hit? (Can you see my point?)

The point of Natal is to "NOT" have a handle or controller so why are you whining about there not being any?

These little phrases are put there to express the emotions of the writer. Now if you are writing to put a negative spin on something then just say so. But don't put it out there and then try and pass it off as fair and unbiased. And if N4Gs approval system detects that it's just flamebait then it should be denied. (but we know how the approval system works.

But anyway, I was just making a comment, didn't mean to make provoke you do defend it as if you are the submitter or blogger him/herself.

Let's just drop it.

Edit: Abriael - Sorry I get it now. After reading your bio I realized that it's your article. That explains why you are so butthurt on mean calling it biased.

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