White Knight 2 VS White Knight 1

Today, Level-5 provided some pics showing event scenes from the original White Knight 1 compared to the equivalent scene under the updated White Knight 2 code.

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hay2774d ago

There has to be some kind of mess up, original screens look better IMO.

darthdevidem012774d ago

Well the original game was a mess up too

The new one looks much better, stop trolling dude.

Chris3992774d ago

But in any event, personally, I can see the subtle differences with the hair, character models and textures.

The first game was quite pretty anyway. I don't understand all the flack it received for having "PS2" graphics. You want shit graphics, go play Nier - on either platform (good game, but the visuals really make you say "wtf happened?"). WKC had some REALLY impressive, enormous environments. Personally, I hadn't experienced anything of that scope next to Oblivion, and certainly not in a JRPG.

lpfisher2774d ago

How was the first one a mess up? It was a fantastic JRPG and the online service is incredible. The geonet/georama structure is so much fun.

Meryl2774d ago

WKC rules, sorry I know darth will hate this, vgchartz hates me I left ages for saying this out aloud, how come you on here now??

Godmars2902774d ago

the older shots, if that's what they are, look better. the newer ones look like the main character go a nose job. A bad one.

And darthdevidem01, the main issues with WKC1 was the game engine and timing. Not the graphics.

Brewski0072774d ago

Wow....He aint trolling with an opinion.

I think the facial features are alot smoother and more defined on the sequel. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

NecrumSlavery2774d ago

Here's a silly question. Why are the pics of the same image? If it's a sequel, why is it from the same exact screen shots?

Brewski0072774d ago

They're showing they improvments they've made with the engine and are using it on the first games graphics as a comparisson to demonstrate how they're progressing.

SillySundae2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Form what I've heard, they are including the 1st WKC in the 2nd game.
(I guess they can do this with Blu-ray's capacity)

Also, you would need a WKC1 clear file to play the 2nd game.
Hence the decision to include the first one (along with the improvements from what I've heard).

lpfisher2774d ago

Yup, that's how it's going to work; and I'm glad. I'm sick of hearing "I haven't played the first game, should I buy this one?", because the answer is always PLAY THE FIRST ONE.

labwarrior2774d ago

You cant get more generic game or more generic and dated visuals than that

It is the absolute avoid games on PS3

Da One2774d ago

slightly better colors
a little less jagged
not much but it'll do

Bellcross2774d ago

I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually enjoyed this game more than I did FFXIII, sad thing is I'm a Final Fantasy fanboy.

Can't wait for part 2 hope they improve everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.