Red Dead Redemption: Glitches and Guns

LiquescentShadow from StartGame writes: Right, let me firstly say this: Red Dead Redemption is a decent game. I wouldn’t go so far as to jump on the hype train and say it’s amazing, but I’ve enjoyed it enough that I’ve sunk over 30 hours into the single player and completed it to 100%. However, during the time spent playing I’ve been unlucky enough to come across multiple glitches, bugs and general issues which have been eating away at the enjoyment. It’s the first time in a while (since Fallout 3 in fact) that I’ve encountered this many problems in any one game.

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psman0122779d ago

Have played for over 40 hours now, almost at 100 percent, still no glitches found.

kneon2779d ago

Have played over 75 hours now, completed 100 percent, found too many glitches to even start listing.

BubbleSystemSuck2779d ago

Platinum and just one glitch... people "walk" but dont move their legs... just 2 times.

And in MP, on shootout, 1 vs 1 and my friend literaly fly away... very high, fall down.. and die... very funny.. lol

MEGANE2779d ago

I had a real horse once and let me tell you that if you don't tie him up to something it will go wandering around!..i think the horses are actually very accurate they stock when you run over a bunch of obstacles like rocks and debris etc! and there is a little trick for the whistle that you have to get use to it and also depends on the experience you have with that horse in particular.(i will suggest to keep whistleling to your horse to keep him around you but not to close or it will be in the middle on the gun fire), Also for the red eye glitch if your weapon isn't load it CAN'T shot and it wont reload on slow motion!...i have experience some minor glitches like people popping out or siting backwars against a wall or when i was playing poker all of the sudden the other player look like plain pixels!.For and open world game i was expecting more glitches!. I Play on PS3 and over 25 hours...Great game overall.

NecrumSlavery2779d ago

I have it on PS3. Never had it glitch on me once. Maybe I am lucky or something. Fallout 3 though was rough.(So random though. I had a issues on things my friends said ran smooth and visa versa)

iliimaster2779d ago

besides GOW 3 this game is second to none this year (so far)... i cannot tell you how fun this game is.. as for the horses i ran into that too... but i just thought it was the horse because ive had some do as you point out... butt my keeper that i found follows me when i get off... lol i love this lil dude... its a golden horse the exact name escapes me at the moment. there is just so much you can do in this game its insane, i woulda loved to see more like buying and renting or fixing up a house or saloon or business like hunt and sell your own stuff in your own store... that would of been killer..

Elwenil2779d ago

I've played for quite a while, not exactly sure how long and only seen a few minor things. I've beaten the story once and I'm halfway through again and I'm level 29 in the multiplayer and so far all I can remember is two floating chairs and some slow loading facial textures in a poker game in the single player and a couple of times that the Solomon's Folly gang hideout wouldn't end for a while on multiplayer. It's certainly not as glitchy in my experience as what some of these stories are making it out to be. Still a good quality game for the price in my opinion. For what it's worth, I am playing on the PS3.

LiquescentShadow2779d ago

As I say in the article, it's just my personal experience. Everything that I wrote about happened to me during play, but people may experience some or none of known glitches.

Completely hit and miss, I've just had a bad experience. Game is good, though, or I wouldn't have bothered playing it for that long!

MEGANE2779d ago

Are u playing on xbox or ps3?

whitesoxfalife2779d ago

on mines i saw a dude in midair, i can understand the respawning part but i dont like it when ya gotta hit the A button a few times in order for ya horse to pick up some steam and the horse doesn't respond...... i know this is an ps3 article, but the 360 has a few too

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