Kinect Video: VIP's Are 'Really' Impressed

In a new video some VIP's are talking about their Kinect impressions.

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WhittO2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

They are all paid to "Kinect" that's why they love it so much, even though they will prob never play it at home.

Like Felicia Day is so obviously paid by MS or at the very least gets ALOT of 360 stuff for free. She prob doesn't even care about 360 because every time I read a tweet its about WOW...its like OK we get the point, your a girl and you like WOW ?!?! :O Amazzzzinnngg

captain-obvious2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

1 hour 18 min.
your last chance to impress MS

im looking for MS's conference MORE THAN SONY'S believe it or not?
because i want to restore faith in MS

if i wanted to make "spins and excuses" i wouldn't be in here waiting with this page on my browser
what you think everyone is a fanboy like you ??
grow up

DelbertGrady2958d ago

1 hour and 18 mins left for you to make up spins and excuses if they actually do impress with their conference.

logikil2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

How do you and the folks below know that those folks were paid to be there? That seems to be a recurring theme, but where is that information coming from? I suspect they probably took home schwag bags just like at every awards show known to man (as if hollywood folks need that shit), but having a check cut to them from Microsoft?

Edit: Okay got a disagree and thats fine, but where is the proof? I'm more than willing to hear the I told you so if its presented.

Shadow Flare2958d ago

How much were they paid. I'm really glad everyone in the industry is seeing microsoft for who they really are. It's something we've been trumpeting for months about natal but now all the mainstream gaming media see it too. Makes me happy.

Smoke and Mirrors
Jump In

GrieverSoul2958d ago

90% of those "celebs" wont even know how many GBs their X360 hard drive has!

Who are they to talk about something they havent or barely experienced?!

Diamondwolf2958d ago

They are the exact demographic and representation of the people they want to buy the products believe it or not.

If they can manage to make people who don't follow gaming as close as we do love the product, the rest will follow.

Microsoft know what they are doing, and as much as I'm not interested (hoping the conference can change that) they are the truth with it comes to marketing

poindat2958d ago

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new. If you have any event promoting an item and a bunch of celebrities were invited to it, you can easily bet that they're opinions are going to be extremely distorted in one way or another.

Plus, look at all the over-excitement. These people, most of whom probably don't (or rarely) play videogames are bubbling with over-the-top excitement. It's hard to explain, but it's just not real. These people put on false fronts for a living, and you can sort of tell when they are doing. Most of what they said felt manufactured, contrived, and as I said before, way overly-dramatic. It's something that's hard to explain, something that you can just tell.

And no I'm not saying this because "lolz nobodi wud liek Kinect", I'm saying this because that is what this situation honestly looks like.

beardpapa2958d ago

Someone that believes "celebrities" like Kim Kardashian or Courtney are happy to provide the media with news of their life so far or pictures of the new baby without any request for compensation is a rather naive person imo. The same can be said when you find a celeb at a particular club often or at a particularly bad club. They don't go there just cuz they "like" the club. They're there to promote, and it's usually the club that gives them an incentive to be there.

Besides, the people at the event got free plush tigers to go along with their kinectimals. Isn't that some form of incentive?

ChozenWoan2958d ago

Notice how they interviewed them before they experienced the Kinect experience. lol.

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poindat2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Opinions are worthless if they aren't real. And trust me, these opinions aren't real or accurate in any way.

"This can go one of two ways, but since its the Xbox and Microsoft, it can only go up!"

"I love Xbox!"

facelike2958d ago

And the camera person lead him to the word "up". The guy didn't know what to say, nor did he really care.

gaffyh2958d ago

Lol, this is actually quite lame. You can tell that none of these celebs actually give a crap about Kinect, they just want to see the Cirque Du Soleil performance.

zireno2958d ago

that's correct, there's even a girl that thinks they are launching a new system hahahaha... kinect is an add-on, no matter how you look at it, if you are into gaming or know what you are talking about, you cannot say kinect is a new system.

fooltheman2958d ago

yeah indeed... falling for the flash... no substance

sikbeta2958d ago

The Thing is that MS don't need Celebs or whatever famous people and such, cos they don't represent the average guy, what they need is real people saying good stuff about the God Damned Thing, but Of Course we'll not see that cos they (MS) Refuse to do it for whatever reason...

beardpapa2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

so their opinions of it are completely opposite of the girls from the podcast in

of course... these impressed people are "vips"

Inside_out2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Look at this...the entire thread is PS3 kids crying...say it isn't is gonna be huge for the reasons articulated by all the guests especially Billy Cystal...must be paid to like M$ bunch...

Look at the dude that has the M$ presentation time...LMFAO...that's the spirit xbox...MGS4 exclusive directors cut for 360...Fable...gears...halo...b ig news...

BTW...go listen to Billy Cystal again...that is exactly what Kinect is all about...M$ should use him as a spokesman...

Boody-Bandit2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

a 360 kid crying!
Seriously you are kidding no one. You and Hallmark having been around around this site in full blown panic mode trolling your backsides off. You cry about PS3 fans being in 360 articles yet you and him are in nearly every PS3 article! Stop being a troll but most of all stop being a hypocrite.

Kinect is what it is and nothing more. MS at this point should show what Kinect is capable of. They brought this on themselves by pulling another Milo with the Star Wars video. It was nothing but a fluff piece and flat out staged. It wasn't needed.

They should just stick to what it is and market it that way. Maybe in time it might be able to do some of the things MS and some of the gaming media, thought it would be able to do. Only time will tell but so far it's exactly what I thought it would be. A device for extreme casual games and an add on for hardcore games but in limited form.

Colonel-Killzone2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Cez we are talking about that we don't take what these "vip" say real seriously. You are just a troll and have nothing better to do then troll every single article. Why would we envy Felicia Day please tell me. She has never in celebrity terms been "A list". She is irrelevant to gaming if anything If i was to envy microsoft it would be if they brought someone like jessica alba or megan fox or someone else. But Felicia day give me a break kid. You are picking at straws just to justify your trolling. You fail and thats why you have 1 bubble.

Delive2958d ago

You bring in people who make a living "Being someone they are not", in this case, gamers. Actors who make their livings reading from "scripts". Maybe this will help in the casual market, but the push is alienating the fanbase that got you where you are.

WhittO2958d ago

Its obvious when random celebs turn up that obviously aren't interested in gaming at all...that they have been paid lol.

Pedobear Rocks2958d ago

You call yourself logical and can't figure this out?

Protip: Actors don't show up at events like this and participate in the without getting paid. Period.

Christopher2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Well, as long as the important people are impressed... /s

BeOneWithTheGun2958d ago

What's next? Ronald McDonald showing up with free Happy Meals? "Kids! use this product to burn off the obscene amount of fat you get from eating my food!"

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Dellis2958d ago

of course these celebs know nothing about games, they were payed to go there and talk good about this crap.

Somnipotent2958d ago

yeah, they look like they play a lot of games. /s

BeaArthur2958d ago

Although I know you are trolling I will agree with you. "Impressed VIP's" means nothing when the VIP's are people who don't play games.

Somnipotent2958d ago

executives care about one thing: money. they assume gamers will lap this up like the did the wii. sorry son, if they have a wii, why would they want to buy another console? you sold us on games, now bring them. i don't want this crap.

BeaArthur2958d ago

Agree again, I have a Wii and it's turned into a Netflix device for our bedroom. I never play anything on it and so I am not at all interested in any new motion devices.

trounbyfire2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

yeah i believe you

after watching video
OMG these people don't care about gaming.
and gamers call the xbox "360". no one calles it xbox any more com on this is propaganda

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