Condemned 2 toned down - Dev "working closely" with ESRB after Manhunt ban

The ESRB's decision to give Manhunt 2 an Adults Only rating seems to have already sent shockwaves throughout the industry about what it can and can't get away with. Condemned 2: Bloodshot senior producer, Constantine Hantzopoulos, tells Games Radar that a few features have already been pulled from the game in light of the ESRB / Manhunt situation.

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Dr Pepper3796d ago

This really makes me furious. The reason why Condemned had the atmosphere it attained was because of how brutal it was. If we get some version that is more "nice" than the original, I won't buy it. I expect more in a sequel.

InMyOpinion3796d ago

Fcuk ESRB! No compromise!!!

JsonHenry3796d ago

So the government thinks it should have the right to tell us what we can and cant buy? Time for a revolution.

So much for the whole "Land of the Free"....

THE_JUDGE3796d ago

I didn't think that Manhunt 2 would have a "Breastgate" type of effect on all games in the industry. I don't see the tension between developers and the ESRB lasting very long with all the E they will be giving out to Wii's games in the near future, there will be a nice balance in the industry and everything will settle down.

luckywaster3796d ago

to censorship. yay to an interactive art medium that is respected for.....oh, not yet?

Tsalagi3796d ago

Begun, The censorship wars have.

*Cue Imperial March*

Tsalagi3796d ago

I got a bubble taken away for saying that. Pitiful that is. 8)

shysun3796d ago

This sux...i may not buy this game now!:(

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The story is too old to be commented.