A Delightful Chat With the Most Hated Man in Video Games

For Bobby Kotick, it all started with a handshake in a parking garage under an Atlantic City casino. The story of Kotick is the story of video game juggernaut Activision, a tale of chance meetings and unbelievable circumstance, of Apple founder Steve Jobs and millionaire recluse Howard Hughes.

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Mista T2624d ago

I'm undecided on how to think of this guy after reading this

peowpeow2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Unbelievably, I feel the same way..

Nice interview

Though I guess you have to factor in that there still are yearly releases with small improvements.

Galaxia2624d ago

This just shows the power of good storytelling, and how it can challenge your views and change your perspective on things.

Great article, really insightful as well.

deadreckoning6662624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

@MistaT- Yeah..I don't understand why people on this site jump to conclusions so quickly about this guy. I guess they just hate on whoever gaming sites tell them to hate on.

@beasley23803- So is Jim Sterling, despite popular opinion. Check out the interview he did with HHG.

"dont forget £15 for map packs that consist of old call of duty 4 maps too freckin disgrace and ripping people off ."

Because they KNOW that there are people who are willing to buy it. Its not about being disgraceful...its called "smart business". If people are okay with being ripped off, what kind of business wouldn't take advantage of that?

Double Toasted2624d ago

Just goes to show, you should research people before you start flying off the handle...

Pennywise2624d ago

Give me a break... This guy screwed devs out of their jobs, hard earned money, and IP's they created. He milks every franchise he has... and he has jacked up the prices of PC games and DLC. If he had his way games would be $100.00. Plain and simple, some cushy interview painting him in a good light is not even close to enough to save face for him. Screw this guy.

Mr_Bun2624d ago

Agreed. He should be judged by his actions, not his lip service

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Galaxia2624d ago

As much as I hate Activision at the moment. Kotick seems like a nice guy.

The Great Melon2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I am so deeply conflicted after reading the interview.

seany12624d ago

Hes still a weasel that needs detroying imho

Robearboy2624d ago

Guys dont fall for the propaganda

£45 for MW2
£100 FOR GJ hero

IW not been paid, Adolf Hitler seemed to nice guy to his neice who he was shaggin....

seany12624d ago

dont forget £15 for map packs that consist of old call of duty 4 maps too freckin disgrace and ripping people off .

HarryM2624d ago

Very detailed and enjoyable.

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The story is too old to be commented.