Video Games: A Paradigm Shift

DualShockers writes, "Paradigm shifts occur all the time (not only in Final Fantasy XIII), just like the shift in technology to cellular phones and computers. Video games are no different. Let’s take a trip thru time and space to discuss some shifts that have occurred in our industry, shall we?"

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Ninferno2926d ago

i just cant wait to see what this year's E3 and the future of gaming holds.

Chadness2926d ago

I think I prefer the days before motion control took over.

iiprotocolii2926d ago

As do I. Never been a fan of the motion controls. But, of course, that could be because the technology is new to gaming and we haven't become accustomed to it. I think a vast lineup of "hardcore" games that give absolute justification to the more hardcore crowd is what's needed. We're not flocking toward that form of entertainment yet because we haven't seen anything that appeals to us yet. Hopefully, at this year's E3, that'll change.

Nicaragua2926d ago

Any input device is a motion control, the only difference between them is if it is actually effective as an input device or a waggly gimmick.

Play resident evil 4 on the Wii and you will see motion control done well, it craps all over using a pad for precision and immersion.

Games4M - Rob2926d ago

I think the shift is definatly going more towards social features.

The stuff we have now with facebook is just the tip of the iceberg, I can see things like being able to upload game videos straight to youtube becoming the norm (yeah I know some games do it now but they are the exception). Stuff like Wii fit but online so that you could have a full aerobics dance lesson online without leaving the house – my mrs would love that. Online FPS games but with video chat strategy conferencing inbetween rounds so you can plan your tactics.

Xbox live has done a great job this generation of making the social aspects of gaming the norm and that’s what people praise about it, who knows where social gaming will go in future ?

taz80802926d ago

Gaming has changed so much and all these features today have becoming standard of tomorrow

Hitman07692925d ago

Definitely. It seems like we are a very quick-to-adopt industry and come to expect things that we've seen in future products regardless if they aren't even out yet on the platforms they were originally announced for! Madness... But I love it!