IGN E3 2010: Sony Move Tech Demo

PlayStation Move PlayStation 3 Video - E3 2010: Sony Move Tech Demo

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Oztheboss2810d ago

Now this is what I'm FCKING talking about. This has real potential.

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Lionhead2810d ago

Xbox fanboys are in full damage control since some negative press on "Kinect".

hakis862810d ago

can't WAIT to watch Sonys pressconference!

WHERE'S the Wolverine game for PS move - zzZIIIINGG! haha ^^

kws10652810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

It's wasting of my time, but wii can't track your head.

beardpapa2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

is there a wii game where you can use two wii motes for 1st player? Like as in independent appendages such as this tech demo?

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Inside_out2810d ago

Is this what we can expect from Sony....2:37 second of a guy swinging his arms...did he have legs?...could he move?...Kinect can monitor individual fingers...while walking and talking...they really need to pay a professional to demo their stuff...2:37 of dumb jokes...

stb2810d ago

Oh cez of rage..oh cez, anything else?...anything that we didn't already know people like you would tell after seeing how farty was the natal whole horse [email protected], now jumping wagons and dancing the ars like the troll you are!

Great, Keep them coming, we will enjoy.

mopground2810d ago

is ms paying you for damage control?? then why waste your time?

sikbeta2810d ago

You're right cez, pretty sad, just look at this

Erotic Sheep2810d ago

Cez just because Nat... I mean KINETIC (LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL) was a total failure does not mean you can downplay the competition who is actually SUCCEEDING (something you wouldn't know how to)

bjornbear2810d ago

at least it works...unlike something else that apparently still doesn't

The_Zeitgeist2810d ago

It's a tech demo dude. Natal games are pretty much finished. Sony is smart for using tech demo's to show off the promise of the hardware.

Ps_alm3k2810d ago

@ Cez...

enjoy pressing those buttons! : )P

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PoSTedUP2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

GTA V going up to a guy and picking him up by his throat and choke slamming him to the ground., ALL IN 3D

i cant wait to move around the game with Move and interact with stuff with my hands.

this is gaming, this is my dreams come true (gaming wise)

was playing motorstorm last night thinking "this is INSANE... this is going to be in 3D!?" O_O

@ cez of rage above- of course you can move around, socom and the fighting game shows this. natal you have no buttons so you cant move around a 3D world at your own free will, it may be fun, but natal will be very linear with simple games it looks like. this looks better then natal imo.

Anon19742810d ago

The way Move tracks the player was excellent, and the added control that the buttons give really help sell the product. I can't see you you could do a hardcore game without this kind of button support.

N4g_null2810d ago

Seriously guys it's been 3-4 years since the xbox fans pizzed on the ps3 now they are looking into the lights of an on coming car and it's the ps3.

Stop with all the hate, if you don't comment on it or if you actualy just talk about the tech then even the gaming tv news show will treat you all better.

The industry will not respect you unless you respect your selves and yes many people are watching for fanboy reactions. Don't get it to them instead give them an adult reaction.

With that being said lots of things will be revealed but truth state how you feel about head tracking etc and how would you want it used. This is what the industry is unsure about right now it's great but how can this make my hardcore game rock.

There are limitations and people try to push them. Yet if all motion control gaming is bettered then this means better game play and more money from increased sales to give you bigger budget games and the abilty to take more chances.

Thanks for reading this years show is going to rock for every one involved. Also going in different directions is fine. You can't be right all the time.

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Bellcross2810d ago

Lmao he was having fun and it was only a tech Demo. XD

that was hilarious.

Christopher2810d ago

Greg definitely made it entertaining.

Bhai2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I think this vid is old but DAMN thats impressive... even the fingers of the avatar robot grasp and twist, this is 1:1 stuff in the truest sense :)

saint_john_paul_ii2810d ago

it has something we call as "buttons" in the gaming world..

Bhai2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

and what I see here is a lot of potential with these buttons, like picking up objects and react to ingame physics and stuff, and yeah, all in HD with real textures and proper physics... something not there in Wii, yeah PS3 is all good without these peripherals but an option is totally f***in welcomed. This and 3D will make PS3 an even better system to own, not worse :)

ShinMaster2810d ago

Exactly. I don't know how you'd be able to pull out those Wolverine claws without them.
Anyways, that part was funny.

Bumpmapping2810d ago

Awesome i'm actually tempted to buy Move now :)

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