Top 8 Work-In-Progress Console Names

NowGamer: Just when we were getting comfortable with the oddly esoteric name of it’s new motion-sensing technology, Natal, Microsoft goes and changes it to Kinect. Here's our list of the top work-in-progress names given to gaming hardware over the years...

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MisterNiwa2775d ago

Oh yeah, Dolphin was an ossim name. :[

BannedForNineYears2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Lawl..........I think Natal>Kinect. -_-
Am I the only one?

And I thought PSX referred to the Asian PS1. -_-
I'm retarded. =D

BiggCMan2775d ago

soooooo may people think psx is another name for ps1 when it really isnt, its quite annoying really.this is in fact, what a real PSX is.

Pedobear Rocks2775d ago

was so freaking advanced...and it projected where they where headed with the PS3 so far in advance.