Pre-recorded Kinect Event-Calm Down Everyone

Irish Gaming Site writes

"The internet is buzzing with reports and videos that apparently show that the pre-E3 “Natal Expereince Event” featured pre-recorded Kinect gameplay footage with actors merely copying the movements on screen. At first I can’t say I wasn’t dissapointed. But lets give Microsoft the benifit of the doubt as this event wasn’t for you. That is, if you’re aged 18 or above."

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Hellsvacancy2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Oh so its ok to lie to younger children but not adults, thats setting an example

Theres no excuse for showin a pre rendered video which is supposed to advertise your latest/greatest piece of "revolutionary" tech

Double Toasted2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Someone obsessed with blood is worried about children? Hmmm....

Edit: Its called Joop, anyone getting pussy knows about it.
Edit: Damage control? Natal will be used for a microphone and controlling user interface...thats all. What will I use Move for? Nothing...unless they start promoting use of it with KZ or Resistance 3...

Edit: You have children? GOD HELP US!!!!

Hellsvacancy2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

"Someone obsessed with blood is worried about children" wot r u talkin bout mofo? im a father for a start (with another on the way)

Youve gotta bottle of pink perfume as your avatar should i suspect that your a women lol?


Edit, "JOOP" hahahahahahaha thats teenager after shave

Boody-Bandit2901d ago

Someone is obsessed with damage control. <- Yes DT I am looking at you.

WhittO2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

"Natal will be used for a microphone and controlling user interface...thats all. What will I use Move for? Nothing"

Incase you didn't know Move also comes with a high-quality cam with inbuilt microphone which can already be used for 6-way Video chat.

A concept interface was also shown for the camera which, when far prom any sort of beta - looked amazing to use.

Plus Move is rumoured to cost like almost half of what Natal is lol.

Not to mention the PLAYABLE GAMES

HxCGamer2901d ago

be serious dude.. everyone knows your not getting pussy

Reibooi2901d ago

That's so stupid. It was pre recorded because it wasn't for us? Really? That's retarded. The fact of the matter is either MS doesn't have confidence in it's own product to work as advertised which then dooms it to failure because why would a company not have confidence in it's own product.

Or it really CAN"T do what they say it can and they are showing fake footage to fool people until it comes out sells a ton and then dies off quickly as people find out it's all a sham and doesn't work like they wanted to.

There is no reason to show pre recorded stuff. Sony's Move stuff love it or hate and good or bad was LIVE and REAL. Yet because they are not throwing money at everyone people don't seem to care.

It's simple as this. If it does what it says it does show it live and REAL. If it doesn't work like it says it does ADMIT that. Don't try to play everyone for fools and shove a broken un needed peripheral down our throats.

Shadow Flare2901d ago

They're basically saying that event was for kids who aren't intelligent enough to realise its fake. Microsoft was basically saying "got your nose!!!", while we were sitting, looking unimpressed and thinking "this is utter crap"

mac_sparrow2901d ago

nor aimed at you specifically but I agree with Mr Vacancy. Joop is a teenagers aftershave, personally I never liked it, just the first ad campaign they did for it. (She was hot)

Try something like Calvin Klein Escape for evening and formal wear (effortlessly classy) or something like crave for a summery twist.

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wiggles2901d ago

Save the pre rendered videos for your commercials...

E3 is there to actually back up your technology.

If Microsoft has no real time footage it will be more then a disappointment...

Stuart57562901d ago

Exactly, E3 is to showcase and announce what you're capable of, not just present a big ass fancy, pretentious, bullshit advert. Naughty Dog at E3 '09 is what E3 is all about!

FragMnTagM2901d ago

Well maybe that is why the launch Natal games are all going to be playable on the show floor...... Oh right, did you forget about that?

itisa2901d ago

It was removed already.Talk about cover up.

Megaton2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

I've even seen the usual suspects around here claiming people were stupid to believe it WASN'T going to be pre-rendered and staged. No low is too low for this crowd. Nothing in unspinnable.

Boody-Bandit2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

MS didn't let this be known yet because they wanted to blow the world's mind and steal E3! Kinetic doesn't just read body moevements, it also reads the gamers mind! Are you not entertained!? /S

Quick Kinetic, what am I thinking right now?
Sorry but all the spinning in the world cant change the fact that 2 E3's in a row MS tried to pull a fast one with this new device of theirs. This is embarrassing and anyone that gets their (MS) backs should be ashamed of themselves.

D4RkNIKON2901d ago

Not so sure it will work this time around lol

Godmars2902901d ago

"Theres no excuse for showin a pre rendered video which is supposed to advertise your latest piece of "revolutionary" tech"

Except they weren't trying to sell it to you last night. That was the soccer moms presentation. Today we get the gamer one.

MS screwed up and invited the wrong people to the wrong event. Should have just had the USA Today types there, the fluff news people, but instead brought in the actual gaming media who only have themselves to blame - in part - for wanting to be on the cutting edge.

BabyTownFrolics2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

your just not creative enough.

Why are you folks getting so pissed off about marketing techniques, marketing is all about attempting to convince you that this or that piece of plastic will fill a void in your life. Do you get angry at shaving razors, toothbrushes, car stereos, and TV's if they dont do all the magical things that happen in their ads.

or are you feigning all this anger because it feels right?

I've never really seen people hate a product before, especially one they dont own and dont plan on buying. I have no interest in motion control gaming on any console, so I find it hard to understand why some of you act like MS or whoever punched your mom in the face.

Also dont give me well people used to talk bad about sony so now I get to blah blah blah

grow the fuck up people

your worse than children

I love the disagree:

no your right big evil MS is trying to trick you into buying something against your will with staged presentations, ponchos, and acrobats. Some of you folks are pathetic.

Inside_out2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

You tell Hell...BTW, who said that live presentation was REAL???

It's not like it was Sony and there supercomputer with all the CGI trailers they pretending were actual game play...LMFAO....No excuse indeed...

All the games shown at the live show are available to play...yep...and if you were informed, you'd know they have been for

M$ is NOT Sony...Sony is the biggest fraudsters this gen...that's why they are being sued right now...why they are in last...

M$ presentation starting haven't scene anything yet...

HxCGamer2901d ago

"M$ presentation starting haven't scene anything yet..."

seen** bud...
and why are you always so angry.
lighten up and enjoy both consoles, you act like you are Greenberg sometimes

both companies f up at times, and you can't deny Microsoft just fucked up

stuna12901d ago

And here I was thinking people only get stupid with age! I don't care how much people try to defend microsoft, it doesn't change the facts that microsoft tried to deceive not only their fan base but, possibly millions of potential customers as well, yet people are ready yet once again to give them a free pass. It just doesn't add up, it's as if microsoft is using some form of subliminal messaging. If it walks like a duck, quack like a duck, it's a damn duck.

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mrv3212901d ago

It's like 6 months before it comes out... they expect to sell 4 million, so that's like 5 months of design before it goes to be made.

If they are not confident to show it off NOW, RIGHT BEFORE E3. What makes you think for a second it'll be any better at home?

Dlacy13g2901d ago

First off was a pre-recorded show for MTV and Nikelodeon... basically they made a big infomercial last night. OFCOURSE they will use pre-recorded stuff to ensure it shows what they want to show.

MS IS going to have Kinect at E3 all this week available to play you dolt! MS isnt afraid at all...they are just reving up the hype machine.

Anyone who didnt expect last night to go down the way it did is a fool! It was a show put on by Cirque de Soleil, do you really think they would not have things all staged for their show?

UGGHHH ...the ignorance of N4G kills me sometimes.

Wrathman2901d ago

FINALLY some sense!!

well said!!!

pity i can only give you 1 bubble!

CoxMulder2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

So was the Cirque du Soleil performance pre-recorded too??

Would seem only natural following your twisted logic..

Cueil2901d ago

don't be ignorant... this was a SHOW... meant to entertain and announce the official name of Natal as well as a few games... people where expecting something else...

CoxMulder2901d ago

Yea, silly me for expecting the official 'world premiere' of NATAL to actually show the tech at work.. in real-time.

It doesn't entertain in real-time? That would seems like a problem..

It's time Microsoft stops showing what Natal/Kinect COULD do, and show off what it actually CAN do..

bjornbear2901d ago

still doesn't excuse pre-recording a "game"

why not just present a game that works, instead of PRETENDING to?

no excuse, it wasn't meant to be a big game showing, but the fact that they EMULATED the game workin is inexcusable, deceptive and sad, since you'd expect that BY NOW they'd have SOMETHING worth showing, but instead, it was all smoke and mirrors.

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trounbyfire2901d ago

microsoft was trying to pull the hood over your eyes and we are not as stupid as we look. AMERICA F*ck yeah

Orange Juice2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Absolutly no excuses for what they pulled with the star wars video, now God knows what else is fake that they are trying to feed us. Take everything you see of that thing with a grain of salt because someone doesnt want you to see what its true capabilities are.

HarryM2901d ago

They shouldn't of done that. It's like if NASA staged the first moon-landing: "But let's give NASA the benefit of the doubt"- No.

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