Today I Saw Hideo Kojima And A Fat Solid Snake (Pics)

That’s what she said, am I right, am I right? Today we took a bit of trip out to Universal Studios and while we were just spending our Sunday being lame tourists before the Kinect event, we also knew that Hideo Kojima would be at the Universal Studios Gamestop to meet the fans and put his signatures on a bunch of stuff.

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jaredhart2811d ago

all those fat guys dressed like Snake.

captain-obvious2811d ago

is it me or that person dressed up as raiden
is actually A CHICK


jaredhart2811d ago

probably the first time i've ever liked Raiden.

GavinMannion2811d ago

It's okay, it's a girl :)

captain-obvious2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

she's pretty hot
nice legs and ASS


sooo true

Megaton2811d ago

It is a chick, and she's the best thing that ever came about from the creation of Raiden. I was there yesterday too, and she was one of the best cosplayers there. Her and that young Ocelot.

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hay2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

They aren't really that fat to be called fat. I say they're chubby. Fat are the people who would easily eat those guys and have some room for the Ocelot on third picture...

@captain: Even if it is a guy, I'd shamelessly tap that a$$.

DelbertGrady2811d ago

Depends where in the world you live I suppose. By European standards they are definitely fat.

jaredhart2811d ago

By American standards too.

Hellsvacancy2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

There anorexic by American standards

I joke i joke

ThanatosDMC2810d ago

Title fail. He's not dressed as Solid Snake but as Big Boss (Naked Snake). See the eyepatch and also the MSF (Military Sans Frontiers) logo.

Mista T2811d ago

they're not fat, they're big boned :P

morganfell2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Uhm, yeah, so is a stegosaurus. :P

Hellsvacancy2811d ago

Yeah, Metal Gear Solid: Heavy Duty

Colonel-Killzone2811d ago

They are not fat. God the world is so ignorant today you call that fat ? I can't even imagine what obese would look like to you then. Its sad to see society brainwashed some of you idiots.

Somnipotent2811d ago

the pots are call the kettles fat. how funny.

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