X360: MS official defends Kinect’s semi-awful name

With the E3 juggernaut at top speed and ready to jacknife hot-game related news all over the gurning faces of the internet, the PR people are in overdrive. Not least Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft’s director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live, who is explaing the choice of ‘Kinect’ as Natal’s new name.

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Christopher2773d ago

They missed the other important element: tie in with their Kin phones

We are likely to see some integrated features between the 360 and the Kin phones come along as well.

FarEastOrient2773d ago

It'll be a very limited function since the phones being sold are dominated by Blackberry, Google, and Apple.

The thing about the Kin is that both are out and both are selling terribly.

Christopher2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Both utilize Microsoft's Silverlight technology, so the centralized API makes for easier integration. Might just be transferring music/video/photos or could be something more worthwhile involving social media/networking. Depends on how much effort they put into it.

Milamber2773d ago

Least it's only semi awful and not full awful like Wii. But really, how hard is it to come up with a decent name? Aren't people paid to do that?

Pentex2773d ago

WANQUE??!! I mean, seriously, that was the other name possibility? I can't begin to imagine the jokes if they'd went with that option LOL.

This just shows how silly their naming concept was for this. Trying to defend this specific name is fine and all, but the issue here is that people will never get it and might forever confuse it with Kinetic. Some gaming sites themselves have been referring to Kinetic instead of Kinect.

shadow27972773d ago

What's in bold is actual PR quotes. What's not is the author making fun of Kinect. It's not that hard to comprehend. Wanque was not an actual name in consideration, just the author poking fun.

captain-obvious2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

i don't know why you guys defending this name
and alwasy come up with the wii's name

the difference is
wii is a very light, short and easy to remember name (very suitable for casuals)
but when it comes to natal's new name
i cant even pronounce or spill this new name in a right way since English is not my main language
let alone saying
"lets play some Kinect" or "lets play with the Kinect" sounds wearied

Some of you said they better change it because NATAL means XMAS in another language
Well guess what
Wii means "yes" in French yet they didn’t change it
And I still think NATAL was a better name

but what am i saying MS always uses stupid names for thier products i mean look at zune and bing
WTF are those names ?

Tony-A2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Usually, one-syllable names are ideal for casual products. Instead, they showed us a two-syllable name not once, but twice and that's not even counting "Xbox" before it.

It's possible that this might have been the reason why the EyeToy was only slightly successful and not 70mil successful.

PS: "Wii" also means "piss" and "penis" in English slang, and "small" in Irish slang.

Somnipotent2773d ago

microsoft has a history of giving projects names relating to geographic landmarks or cities. natal is actually in reference to a city in brazil. and yes, natal means christmas in portuguese.

either way, yes, very stupid name indeed. not as bad as wii though.

Pentex2773d ago

Portuguese sailors named not just one new-found land with that name. When they reached that place in Brazil, it was around December 25th, so they named it Natal.

But on the trip to find India by sea, passing through South Africa/Mozambique, it was christmas time too and there is/was a town named Natal there too.

sarshelyam2773d ago

Kinect is soooo close to the PS2 eyeToy game Kinetica. Similar implementation, similar meaning (at least implied in Microsoft's case).

That aside I think Nintendo did a wonderful job creating a brand image for the Wii. They made no mistake ensuring we knew it was pronounced as "WE" to define the social aspect of the console first and foremost. That, is clever marketing.

Then we come to "Move". Well, there's no confusion as to what that's about. Seems a rather clear message about what you'll be doing with the remotes in your hand doesn't it?

FarEastOrient2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

It's an Xbox magazine website, they are defending it because it too will be covered by their magazine. They have to sound supportive since their sells depends on how well Microsoft can sell the idea, trickle down economics.

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Mr_Bun2773d ago

MS should be more concerned about defending the 'show' they put on last night

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