First Trailer of Afterfall: Insanity & new Screenshots

The German Game Publisher ThatGamesCompany shows the first Trailer from the Dead Space Pendant "Afterfall: Insanity" ... looks amazing

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wiggles2805d ago

Soo what exactly does this have to do with Dead Space/ what is this game about?

I have never heard of this before and have now become very curious haha :)

Lirky2805d ago

Cool thatgamescompany the ones who made flower and flow are making this :D.

BrianC62342805d ago

No, their name is thatgamecompany. This says thatgamescompany. Do they even exist? I think it even says they're a German company. Must be trying to get noticed by using another company's name kind of.

QB_232804d ago

looks interesting more details please.