ModNation Monday: UFG is Listening

PlayStation Blog writes: "Hi, it’s William Ho here for the Pre-E3 ModNation Monday post. I’m excited to give you some updates about ModNation Racers and what’s been cookin’ at United Front Games.
I can’t believe it’s been a year since we announced ModNation on stage at E3, now it’s out in the world! It’s been exciting to see the massive amounts of Racing, Creating, and Sharing going on. Our dev team couldn’t be happier to see our supporters enjoying the product of two and a half years of love and labor. We enjoy playing ModNation Racers as much as you do."

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BubbleSystemSuck2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Is listening?

The Star Creator 250.000XP and 500.000 XP are just STUPID TROPHIES.

koehler832867d ago

They can't change trophies. They will likely increase the rate at which you gain XP though, both race and create.

Those trophies just assume everyone will have something downloaded like 50000 times and that's ridiculous; At least the way things are set up.

shammgod2867d ago

XP for all online races. Great game though