Xbox conference: What do you want to see?

CVG: Xbox Slim? Perfect Dark? 3D announcement? Share your opinion inside

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Convas2960d ago

I'm beginning to see the wisdom in MS seperating the Kinect and main Xbox conferences. Surely someone on the Advertising Board at MS must've seen this media fall-out against Kinect, and recommended this course of action.

So what am I expecting? Games, Games, Games. Games for Big, Hardcore Men. And lots of them. Suprises. Console Revisions. Xbox Live announcements. More Suprises. Oh and GAMES.

Omega42960d ago

Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII, Slim and something so unexpected that N4G crashes

Omega62960d ago

lol. you know this for sure? your a moron. No one pays attention to you, just stop.

N4PS3Fanboys2960d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 Subsistence for Xbox 360 and Grand Theft Auto V Timed Exclusivity,