Moore: Critics of 360 Hardware 'Need a History Lesson'

GameDaylyBiz grilled the (now former) Xbox exec on 360's hardware problems, the console's continued struggles in Japan, and more. He also tells us that Microsoft's "plans for price cuts have been laid out for years" and he knows "exactly" when they'll happen. Dig in...

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ShiftyLookingCow3743d ago

yeah great read indeed, I hope EA guy is no wimp

Maddens Raiders3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

BIZ: One thing that's a bit concerning to me, though, is that Microsoft refuses to say what's at the root of the problem. An analogy I would use is that if your car breaks down and you need to get it fixed, the mechanic will tell you what's causing the problem.

PM: That's because they're giving you a bill [laughs]...(( know....things break))

============================= ==========================

BIZ: I get the monthly Famitsu data reports, and the 360 sales numbers are still pretty darn low. Hironobu Sakaguchi has publicly criticized the marketing for Xbox in Japan. Do you agree that the marketing is a big problem, that the message of Xbox has not been properly conveyed to Japanese gamers?

PM: I've made a big deal about our Japanese relationships; we've spent an inordinate amount of time traveling back and forth to Tokyo, working with the publishers... best proof of that I guess is the Capcom performance with both Dead Rising and Lost Planet, and more importantly for me to stand on the stage on Tuesday and talk about Devil May Cry and Resident Evil.((&MGS4? No!))

((Um.....then I'm going to leave!))
============================= ============================== = ======
BIZ: It's a bit ironic, because when MS first got into the console business, critics laughed because MS is a software company at its core. It's not in the business of creating hardware. Now the company has discovered some faulty design in its 360 hardware, seemingly proving the critics right. What do you say to those critics?

PM: Those critics need to do their homework and look at some of the hardware product failures that this industry has seen in the past 30 years that maybe have not got as much publicity...

BIZ: You're saying that this is not an unprecedented failure for a video game console?

PM: Probably the size of it may be unprecedented, and certainly the financial implications, but if people say that previous consoles have all been perfect and not had failure rates, then they need to go get a history lesson.

Classic, just classic. Fade the heat Peter.....fade the heat my man.

power of Green 3743d ago

What are you talking about Idiot!. You're on ignor but no doubt you have paste something with some smart ass comment that doesn't make any sense.

So many Sony fanboys in here i wonder if 360 fanboys are spaming the PS3 threads because this is getting aout of hand.

Bathyj3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

You are a pot calling a kettle black.

As if you ever needed an excuse to sling sh*t in a PS3 thread.

Maddens Raiders3743d ago

this is the first time you've come out to publicly attack me. Maybe you're hate-thoughts are finally spreading and affecting other vital organs of your body. Mainly one major organ. Maybe.

I can still remember that post a long, long time ago where you said that I was one of your favorite SNE fanboys simply due to my magnanimous personality and thoughtful responses ~ boy are those days gone?!.

Well I guess since you put me on the ignore list, that wore off, but something's still appealing since you took me off! =]

Look, to answer your rhetorical question directly:

-- "What are you talking about Idiot!." --

It's quite simple. I only took PM's words and added the real thoughts and actions in parentheses for a little fun. Didn't mean to insult your boyfriend. I take it all back.

good day

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Dlacy13g3743d ago

Dang I will miss Moore at MS. Oh well...I am sure he will do well for EA.

Phantom_Lee3743d ago

I just hope he can make EA sports better

Vertius3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I don't understand why he thinks Sony is failing in Japan. It's selling over twice the amount of the 360, after all.

I don't recall anyone saying that consoles never had failure rates before, either. The problem with the Three Rings is that it's a critical error, you can't even operate the machine when it breaks down, and the fact that it's a very high rate. That's why it's getting so much publicity!

witchking3743d ago

Moore's reasoning is based on planned shipped vs. actual shipped. What he's saying is (and I'm making up the numbers) "Sony expected to ship 5m units in Japan but they've only shipped 1m, so 20% of their target. We expected to ship 250,000 units in Japan and we've shipped 200,000, so 80% of target."

When you look at it that way, he's basically right. He never expected to ship millions and millions of consoles to Japan; he wanted to do better than the original Xbox there, but no one expected MSFT to win in Japan. However, everyone thought Sony needed to win in Japan, and they're not winning there. Does that constitute "failure?" Probably not, but he's paid to spin these things.

WaggleLOL3743d ago

What an idiot.

Trying to rewrite history that all of us lived firsthand. That interview is as pathetic as how there are now over the past year an amazing number of 360 owners who magically both owned a PS2 last gen and claim to have had them die four or five times.

Marceles3743d ago

I knew this was gonna be stupid once I read the interview.

"We don't need to follow since we're the market leader". In NA? Yeah but for how long? They're already trying the casual mass gamer approach...if the Wii never came out, they would've stuck to PC inspired console games. But I won't point the finger...every exec sounds like this, what else is he supposed to say

witchking3743d ago

XBLA is their entry into casual games, and they had this up and running before the Wii shipped. Heck, the 360 shipped with Hexic playable on the Arcade, and if that ain't a casual game, nothing is.

The problem is that people want to play casual games on their Wii because it's got that friendly family vibe to it. The 360 is still for hardcore gamers. Now, so far it looks like more of the hardcore gamers are picking the 360 over the PS3... but wasn't everyone saying "buy a Wii60" last holiday season? Isn't that what they're doing?

DaEnforcer3743d ago

"So yeah you're concerned that [the brand] does take a hit with consumers, but the other thing I'm actually seeing is a lot of kudos for Microsoft in actually standing by its product and a lot of commentary like, "I wish more companies would do that."

LOL MS didn't have any choice as the sh1t was starting to hit them back. They were lying as long they only could, "Xbox 360 failure rates not higher than usual" anyone?

ShiftyLookingCow3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

still we or at least I didn't really expect a three warranty. I expected a repeat performance of last gen. Microsoft could have pulled it through with a bunch of blockbusters and then onto the next console (ofcourse that would have meant 20-30 million consoles overall which PS3 would have easily overtaken in time)

Ju3743d ago

I still think the warranty is a marketing instrument. Fact is, and as it looks now, even a 3 year warranty cannot guarantee that the machine won't break (in fact, just last week a friend of mine had to send his in). It just gives you the a guarantee, that if it will break, you will get a replacement. Would you buy a car, which you know will break, but the dealer promises you to fix it for free anyway ? I'd rather make sure what I buy doesn't break. Kind a weird to handle that situation.

Maybe if they come forward with the real cause they might be attacked legally? I have no idea. But not telling the real cause sound fishy to me. Sure, because of the warranty nobody can really complain - possibly the hope is, that after that time they'll have replaced the current models anyway and get rid of the problem - but what if it still breaks after 3 years and one can pinpoint to an error MS already knew about ?

Doesn't anybody else think, a main reason is the pressure to keep the price low and thus sacrifice quality to some extend and further more push the box into more competitive position? Well, wrong bet, I'd guess, now $1B additional costs which they might have save doing it right the first time...I can't believe, this doesn't push them back on their price reduction strategy (well, with MS's financial stunt, maybe it won't).

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