Days of Thunder: NASCAR Now PS3 Exclusive

Paramount and SCEA announce that the Days of Thunder: NASCAR game will be PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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jaredhart2812d ago

is really racking up exclusives.

ShinMaster2812d ago

Maybe you should actually READ the article.
Or at least read the title where it says "NOW".

SuperStrokey11232812d ago

SHingio... its called a joke...

AtatakaiSamurai2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Man Furismo Jive is the way to go. it makes those previous Nascar EA titles look like childs play, you guys will soon see but if you're a Nascar nut then you'll even have more experiences on the PS3 than anywhere else anyways.

But Sony has it's fanbase covered. If can't afford 60 dollars for GT5 then you can pick this one up on PSN for cheaper.


DeltaZ3R052812d ago

but more for us ps3 users, we get option.

Larry L2812d ago

Obviously when it comes to physics and being a true NASCAR "sim", yes, GT5 is going to be incredible. BUT.....I have a bad feeling the NASCAR portion of GT5 is going to have a severe lack of the good NASCAR tracks.

I think it's going to have Daytona, Talladega, Indy, and then a bunch of the big ovals like Texas, Lowe's, California, Michigan and if we're lucky the only good one of those types of tracks....Atlanta.

I don't think it's going to have the 2 road courses; Infineon and Watkin's Glen. Pocono, Bristol, Martinsville, Richmond, Phoenix, Darlington or New Hampshire. All of which were my favorite tracks in the EA NASCAR games. I like the skill based exciting tracks, not the big borring ovals. At least Days of Thunder will probably have every NASCAR track. I HIGHLY doubt GT5 will have much more than 1/3 of them. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.

bmb51502812d ago

As far as I've seen, only Daytona and Indy will be in the game only. But as far as Days of Thunder, It's a modern version of the NES game, and I may pass even though I'm a huge racing fan.

Larry L2812d ago

Only Daytona and Indy will be in what? GT5? Well I can already tell you you're wrong about that. I know Texas is in the game because in the old GT5 NASCAR documentary thinky it shows a couple glimpses of it. And I may also recall in one of the videos I've seen, seeing Michigan on one of the track walls. It IS going to have some NASCAR tracks. And from it's popularity, it will probably have Bristol too. But I just don't think it's going to have many more than that. I want the road courses and Pocono mostly, as those are my favprite tracks. But Richmond and Phoenix are also very important to me. Dover, Darlington and Martinsville are also great tracks. And I think GT5 is going to be lacking most of these.

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TVippy2812d ago

Yeah, we dig the joke. ;)

Sonyfanclubpresident2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Now the PS3 hillbillies and N4G Sony morons can colon collaborate.

Enjoy .

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Gran Touring2812d ago

not a big nascar fan myself, but with Days of Thunder and GT5 having the '09 Nascar license, it seems PS3's the way to go for Nascar racing.

gaffyh2812d ago

Yeah found that a bit strange too, but I guess there is enough time between the release of both games, because GT is meant to be coming around Christmas time.

chasegarcia2812d ago

Not really an exclusive I care to much about because GT5 will have Nascar.

The Wood2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

wouldnt GT5 make this exclusive less worth it. If people had to make a choice im sure they'd chose GT5 unless this is an arcade style well

Yeah, ive noticed but is that enough. What do you think

IRetrouk2812d ago

it is an arcade style game, click the link.

ForzaGT2812d ago

just another addition to long list of sony exclusives

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