IGN: E3 2010: SOCOM 4 PlayStation Move Preview I'm going to play SOCOM 4. Seeing as how I'm in charge of IGN's PlayStation coverage, that shouldn't be a shocker, but what is surprising -- to me at least -- is that I'm going to play it with the PlayStation Move. By choice.

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HighDefinition2621d ago

That looks awesome, much improved over the last vid we saw.

Plus, he`s actually playing it. :P

Wrathman2621d ago

im biting my tongue here..but in the nicest way possible..

this game doesnt look very difficult or intense.

ArcFatalix2621d ago

go play kinectimals and stop bothering us jealous guy

ShinMaster2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

The precision is great! And it seems to work pretty well.

@Wrathman, I'm pretty sure the difficulty can be easily cranked up. And more than likely you'll get destroyed online.

stb2621d ago

lol WRATHMAN.....Oh come nata to defend, what left...bash move!!!


Panthers2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I was never into the whole motion thing with any console, but I am a Socomer through and through. I cant wait to see some gameplay with a regular controller. This game looks amazing. I just hope I have time to play when it releases lol.

Oh, and as far as Wrath is concerned, this is an E3 demo. They wont make it hard or intense. They just want people to try the motion controller with Socom.

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The Wood2621d ago

why the tool as ur avatar.

On topic, this is looking good. 'playably' good

Simon_Brezhnev2621d ago

I'll get move just for shooters i despise the dual shock for shooters.

jadnice2621d ago

"Move" will greatly improve precision shooting (the greatest advantage PC shooters have over consoles.. with mouse movement). The dual shock sticks just cannot compare the Move pin point accuracy... shooters or more so Online play will be EPIC.

Thank U Nintendo for thinking outside the box and making this happen. U go to give credit when its due.

raztad2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Even though I'm not interested in anything from Nintendo, and seriously despised the whole motion controller thing, they deserve credit for making it mainstream. Now is Sony turn, and MOVE looks like hitting all the necessary spots to improve shooters playability.

BTW, game looks smooth and very nice. Never been too much into Socom but I'll keep this on my radar.

Christopher2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

First thing I noticed was that the graphics looked much better than what they showed on GTTV the other night. I was not impressed with the SOCOM 4 advert they showed graphical-wise. This looks to be a big improvement on that.

@Wrathman: I didn't see it as being too easy or lacking intensity. I liked that pretty much each cover choice was a bomb waiting to go off with the first grenade thrown your way (meaning, exploding cars). It was about as intense as most tactical shooters and isn't intended to be a big onslaught of enemies like most FPS games.

sikbeta2621d ago

I want to see 2 Factions Playing SOCOM4, The Dualshock 3 SOCOM Veteran Faction VS The PlayStation Move Newcomer Faction and see by Myself if What The Zipper Team Said is True, they said Move Players OWN DS3 Players...

Christopher2621d ago

Why would you put a veteran against a newcomer? Why not vet against vet?

BeOneWithTheGun2621d ago

And I dont have to stand up to use it! Can be used from recliner! Sweet!

harrisk9542621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

"It feels like a real control scheme and not a gimmick."

Wow... quite a difference in tone and impression of the Move technology than the articles that came out following Nata--- er, I mean Kinect's unveiling.

himdeel2621d ago

...which leads me to believe this game is a 5 player co-op through single player.

I'm excited about using move for these types of games.

DeltaZ3R052621d ago

this game looks f!cking BEAST! it's starting to feel like Socom 2 omg, this level reminds me of the mission in socom 2 where you had to save the peace keepers.

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Hyrius2621d ago

Looks awesome, you no longer have to touch the border of the screen to turn.

Jrome2621d ago

That was my only concern. Day 1.

jaredhart2621d ago

Move was designed with gamers in mind.

BeaArthur2621d ago

We'll see how much everyone loves Move with their SOCOM when they go online and get destroyed by the rest of us using controllers.

Dioxinis2621d ago

i dunno man i'd think with some practice move could be way more precise then controllers

BeaArthur2621d ago

True, but the most elite player with a controller will probably always be better than the guy using motion controls, no matter how good they are. I'm not saying you can't be good or enjoy the game using Move but I think it should have it's own playlist. Not to mention you probably won't be able to play as much with Move because your arms will start to get tired.

The Wood2621d ago

lactic acid is a b!tch. There will probably be some elite guys who will own pad guys. Time will tell.

project-exodus2621d ago

yeah i agree, what makes it any different than a mouse really, its pretty much a mouse used in 3d space

thor2621d ago

Well just look at Warhawk for an example. I always used the analogue sticks myself, but there were a few players who were absolutely amazing who used the sixaxis. Personally I think that people won't use Move because they won't buy it; "just to try it out" is not much reason to pay £100...

sikbeta2621d ago

Guys, Remember what Zipper themselves said, Move Players beat DS3 Players...

AKS2621d ago

People won't buy Move? Many hardcore players don't want it right now because they haven't played the few hardcore Wii games available with decent shooting mechanics. They just think of wildly flailing and waggling their arms while playing casual shovelware. But they will quickly change their minds when they start getting thrashed online by people using Move. Try Resident Evil 4 out on the Wii and watch your accuracy skyrocket. Headshots galore. I've played a hell of a lot of RE4, too. I've played through the GC, PS2, and Wii versions and know how to play that game. Controls with the Wiimote blows the other two versions away. Go ahead and don't believe me. Just try it yourself.

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ATLGAMER2621d ago

A little bit of a auto aim option...but it should be an option

Simon_Brezhnev2621d ago

lmao if you think it needs autoaim u shouldnt be playing motion controls

Redempteur2621d ago

well move weems quite precise so i doubt it'll happen ..

at the least there will be a time when move players will have to adapt